A Peek Inside The Real American Economy – Trickle Down And Trickle Up Economics

In all of the media wrangling over the fiscal cliff, the tax increases, phony spending cuts, “trickle down economics” and all the rest, I think the media and the federal government have lost all sense of the realities of day to day life for the typical small business owner.

Government Takeover Of The U.S. Mortgage Industry Is Almost Complete

Since the housing melt-down in 2008, Government domination of the U.S. mortgage market has grown exponentially. Virtually all private investment capital has disappeared from the mortgage industry, meaning that anyone who depends on home sales for a living is facing the prospect of their economic future being controlled by a small group of government institutions

Fed Has “Limited Options” To Help Fix Housing

The Federal Reserve is no longer in a position to help America ease its way out of the housing crisis, according to a new report drafted by some of the country’s top economists at the recent US Monetary Policy Forum.

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