Commercial Investing for Positive Cash Flow

If you are just getting into commercial real estate investing, this article has some of the most important information you need to know from the beginning. If you have taken any commercial real estate training, I hope the first thing you were taught is that commercial real estate investing is about positive cash flow. Positive

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Earnings Multiple Calculation For Commercial Property Values

One of the most difficult decisions that commercial investors must make is determining the value of a specific property. This varies greatly depending on the use or potential use of a property and other variables. The income generated by the property is the most important factor. One most often used method is the capitalization rate.

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Ways To Finance Your Commercial Real Estate Purchases

Commercial real estate investing can truly be a lucrative business, but before you decide how to finance your purchase, you need to know what you are planning to do with the property. In other words, your exit strategy will determine how you’ll want to finance the property.

Ten Ways to Increase the Value of Commercial Real Estate

Did you know that commercial real estate offers much more potential for investors in terms of creating added value? While the value of residential properties is often tied to the market it’s stuck in, local factors don’t always affect commercial properties in the same way…

Common Commercial Real Estate Terms Explained

You may have heard such terms as “Cap Rate”, “Cash-on-Cash Return”, and “NOI” being bandied around whilst looking at a commercial real estate investment, but do you have any real ideas as to what this jargon means?

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