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Real Inflation Likely To Undermine A Housing Recovery

By Donna S. Robinson | October 19, 2012
The idea that home prices benefit from inflation is a long held tenet of real estate investing. This belief originated in the 1980's during the first era of creative finance. Most investing "gurus" of that period taught seminars in which they said that home prices were rising because of the inflation which occurred in the […]
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April 2012 Case Schiller Index -- Depends On Your Definition Of "Improvement"

By Donna S. Robinson | June 29, 2012
While the mainstream media seems to be taking to the idea that the April 2012 Case-Schiller index is showing that housing is improving, the report is a mixed-bag at best. Yes it is good news that about half of the cities in both the 10 city and 20 city composites are showing a modest 1.3% average improvement in prices, is hardly an improving housing market...
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Is There Really A Rental Property Boom? If So, Where Is It?

By Donna S. Robinson | June 21, 2012
These days it's pretty common to see articles with headlines that refer to "the hot rental market", "rental property boom" and "soaring rental rates". And I'm thinking "oh really?" Frankly, in my market, metro Atlanta, GA the only boom I am seeing is the number of investors from all over the world attempting to buy […]
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Commercial Real Estate in Today's Economy

By Guest Author | May 30, 2012
With today’s upside down real estate market where many homeowners are being forced to foreclose on their homes, questions are being asked if commercial real estate has been affected the same way and if businesses will be forced to close their doors due to poor market conditions.
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As Wall Street Stampedes Into Rentals - Will It Really Help The Housing Market?

By Donna S. Robinson | April 5, 2012
It's a "Twilight Zone"  kind of plot twist that even Rod Sterling could not have imagined. Wall Street's biggest names are rushing to jump into the single family rental market in a big way. They believe that there are "fat profits" to be made in the rental property business, and many of the same firms […]
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Commercial Moves in Phoenix: Finally Good News

By Phil Butler | March 8, 2011
In news from Phoenix, Arizona, two retail investment deals have closed there according to Cassidy Turley/BRE Commercial and Faris Lee Investments. A $14.6 million shopping center, Ridgeview Plaza, and a reported $5.4 million acquisition of Garden Lakes Centre.
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