2018 saw record-breaking weather damage to U.S. homes

The latest LexisNexis Home Trends report is out and it shows that last year broke new records in terms of weather-related losses to properties. Moreover, more than half of all catastrophic claims for 2018 were made in just four states – California, Colorado, Florida and North Carolina. Last year saw a 17% increase in the

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Storm-Proof Trees Could Save Communities Millions

Following a winter filled with snow and ice storms, more city officials in the Midwest and Northeast are taking a closer look at the stability of their trees and whether some tough choices need to be made to possibly cut damage costs of future storms.

New Study Reinforces Need to Protect Natural Habitats For Coastal Residents

A newly released study by scientists at the Natural Capital Project says natural habitats are critical to protecting millions of US residents and their property from devastation by coastal storms. The study claims that neglecting these habitats could double the amount of people at “high hazard” risk, and this could include hundreds of thousands of the elderly and the poor.

What’s That Smell? Is That A Mold Stain?

There are many words you could use to describe mold. How about sneaky, opportunistic, hazardous, persistent, smelly and scary, just for starters? Among the general population, you’ll encounter a variety of reactions to the “M” word. But among real estate agents, the mere mention of mold can easily trigger anxiety attacks, not to mention a string of other 4-letter words not suitable for publication.

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