Ten Items for Your Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist

Commercial real estate purchase contracts usually include a due diligence or inspection period (Due Diligence Period). During the Due Diligence Period, the buyer should evaluate the real estate to confirm it is suitable for the buyer’s needs. Following are ten things which should be on every real estate buyer’s due diligence checklist. 1. Title and

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Why You Want a Force Majeure Clause in Your Real Estate Contract

Recent news coverage has discussed buildings destroyed by wildfires in California. Properties in Hawaii have been threatened by earthquakes and volcanos, as well as mudslides following a tropical storm.

Don’t Turn Your Letter of Intent into a Binding Contract

LOIs can be valuable tools in a commercial real estate transaction, but if they aren’t carefully written, they can create a binding contract.

Successful Real Estate Negotiation Techniques

When you find yourself in what seems like an epic struggle to get a real estate contract finalized there are some negotiation techniques that may help you push that deal across the finish line. These techniques will vary depending on the type of person and investor you are and the specific type of transaction you are trying to close. Here are some useful negotiation techniques you should use regularly

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