Top 10 Email Marketing Services for Realtors

The real estate market in the United States is creating untold opportunities at the moment, with current sales in 2021 easily over $150 billion. This incredible boom means that real estate agents are keeping quite busy at the moment, and that goes true whether agents specialize in first-time home buyers, companies shopping for commercial sites

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Realtors: How to Grow Your Email List With Success

Digital advertising has expanded well beyond the emails and banner ads of decades past. These days, it seems the bigger marketing push comes from expanding social media channels and YouTube videos.

Google’s New Death Tool Useful For Real Estate Agents Using Gmail

Although it’s something many of us would prefer not to think about, growing concerns over what happens to our data footprint after we die is an issue that everyone needs to start facing immediately now that more and more of our personal information is being digitized and shared over the internet on a daily basis.

E-mail Marketing is [sort of] Dying, But Maybe Not for Realtors

We constantly hear chatter about how the newspaper business and print advertising are industries that are slowly dying. The emergence and development of the internet and mobile technology leaves us with the ability to get up-to-the-minute news and information the second it breaks rather than just once a day at your door step or in a coffee shop.

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