The Most Luxurious New Construction Condo Developments in the U.S. Right Now

Residential construction in the U.S. has slowed a bit in 2019, which isn’t exactly great timing considering housing affordability is at its lowest point in about a decade. Despite declines in both affordability and availability, however, the luxury new construction condo market across the country features more than a few intriguing options, starting with these

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The Importance of Home Safety

This info graphic, titled ‘A man’s home is his castle’ focuses on the importance of home safety equipment.  This info graphic explains how home safety is so important but an often over looked task.  There any many possibilities in your home for accidents to occur and it is up to you to prevent these from

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New Service For Vacation Rental Owners Wanting Inquiry Assistance

If you own a vacation rental (or several) somewhere in the United States and use online booking websites like, VRBO®, or HomeAway to promote your properties, you likely know how hectic all those e-mails, phone calls and inquiries can get—especially during peak vacation seasons. Of course every situation is different when it comes to

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New Chicago Starbucks Made From Recyled Shipping Containers

Green building and construction from recycled materials isn’t just a trend that adds style and pizzazz to a property but rather something that is a necessity in today’s real estate world. Finding ways to save on operating expenses while also implementing environmentally sound practices into the building process is a responsibility ever home builder or

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The 3 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes Available in 2013

Today’s real estate agents understand that a comprehensive, highly-visible web presence is no longer optional if expanding your business and maintaining success in the real estate industry are things you want to achieve throughout your career. Statistics vary, but nearly every home buyer today begins their home search online and without some way for these

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5 Must-Do SEO Practices For Real Estate Agents With A Website

Proper search engine optimization techniques are critical for achieving a high ranking, driving more traffic, and generating more sales leads. Without adequate traffic visiting your real estate website, the probability of you selling more homes and making more money significantly declines. So for those who are new to web marketing or even for those who

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Facebook & Shutterstock Partner Up To Provide Free Images For Advertisers

Last month, we provided a list of the 7 Best Stock Photography Websites currently available to consumers and real estate agents with a blog or website; and this month, it appears that one of the companies mentioned—Shutterstock—is continuing to make headlines.

Verify Google Authorship with the Structured Data Testing Tool

By now, you’ve all seen the little thumbnail photos next to certain links and websites on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS). If you haven’t been paying attention or simply don’t bother much with marketing your real estate website, those little head shot thumbnails are known as Google Authorship

Dwell Real Estate Launches Premier Website for Searching Local Condos

Searching for the right condo around the Sarasota area just got a whole lot easier with the recent launch of a new website focused solely on attached living. Just last week, Dwell Real Estate announced the release of their latest web installment,, and like the company’s primary website, it’s first-class all the way.

Make Free Business Apps with Conduit Mobile

A slick website with all kinds of cool features is an essential part of today’s marketing strategy, but as large business continues to grow, keeping pace with all the technology and finding other creative avenues to drive more customers is critical if you hope to compete.

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