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RealtyTrac Reports Increase in Short Sales Over Second Quarter

By Mike Wheatley | August 29, 2011
US banks are finally making a difference in the battle to clear the large distressed property inventories plaguing real estate markets by agreeing to increased numbers of short sales, it’s been revealed. What’s more, the average short sale transaction is being completed much faster than before, reports real estate analysis firm RealtyTrac. Speaking to Bloomberg, […]
Mortgage, Real Estate, Residential, US Real Estate

Report Shows One Million Foreclosures To Be Delayed Until 2012

By Mike Wheatley | July 15, 2011
A new report from RealtyTrac suggests that around one million foreclosure notices expected to be filed by mortgage lenders in 2011 will be delayed until the following year – a boon for homeowners who will gain extra time to catch up with their mortgage repayments and avoid losing their homes.   However, it might not […]
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Short Sale Incentives For Cash-Strapped Homeowners

By Mike Wheatley | June 29, 2011
Two of the nation’s biggest lenders are giving away cash rewards to struggling Florida homeowners who agree to stave off foreclosure by doing a short sale instead, according to reports in the Florida Sun-Sentinel.   Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase haven’t made any official announcements about the initiative, but indebted homeowners have reported that […]
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Oregon Foreclosures Tell of Industry Volatility

By Phil Butler | June 6, 2011
This recession just will not go away. In foreclosure related news from Oregon, that state's rate of filings just jumped off the scale, reaching a whopping 235% higher for April. With the rest of the country improving slightly in the same time frame, the Oregon numbers clearly show the volatility of the industry still.
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Faulty Paperwork Stalls April Foreclosures

By Mike Wheatley | May 15, 2011
The number of foreclosures fell in the last month as activity continued to slow down due to faulty paperwork, a survey said last week. Foreclosure numbers fell to a three-year low, with just 69,532 homes seized by banks in April, which is down 8.6% on the previous month and a third less than the same […]
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Ohio Real Estate - Indicator of Reason

By Phil Butler | January 16, 2011
Experts say 2011 will see an additional 1.2 million homes thrown into foreclosure. While optimism is a good thing, it is not reality for today's foreclosure situation. There are 5 million homeowners in America who are at least two months behind on their mortgages - these are outside the current foreclosure lists. What would you bet on a borrow who is two months behind?
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What One Million Foreclosures Really Means

By Phil Butler | January 13, 2011
With the announcement that 2010 was another record year for foreclosures, how long will it take for the reality of this economy to sink in? Experts predict 2011 will be no better as up to 1.2 more millions of homes will hit the auction block this year. Is it time for a New Deal? The national debt is staggering, and the job market show little sign of improving. Some say drastic action is needed.
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