Renting Versus Buying in Memphis

Lifestyle and finances play important roles in making a decision between buying or renting a home to live in. Without a doubt, home ownership has pros and cons. One of the more important cons that first time buyers often overlook is that ownership is much more complicated both in the process of buying a house

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Rent to Own Comes With Many Options

There are many ways for both the seller and buyer to both benefit from rent to own homes. Rent to own contracts are not standard purchase contracts. The seller and buyer can write almost any clauses into the contract that meet their needs. Today’s real estate market is showing signs of recovery but it would

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Are You Trapped in the Rental Economy ?

As most people know, the real estate market has a profound affect on our entire economic system. Because housing is the highest cost for 99% of the people, what happens in the housing market is reflected in almost all other parts of the economy. Today, one out of every three Americans is spending more on

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