Reasons for Embracing Social Media

Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay and an article in Forbes highlights the fact that social media platforms are reshaping the way businesses and clients interact. It points out that even if investing time and money in a social media marketing plan doesn’t always bring about the desired results, it

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Teens Real Opinion about Social Media Ads

Although this might sound like an advertiser’s nightmare, sponsored videos from so-called online influencers are a different matter. These influencers are often seen as being minor celebrities and are paid by brands to talk about their products to their fans.

Snapchat Expands Advertising And Reveals New API

An article in points out that Snapchat is popular with Generation Y who love the app and its unusual features that include face swapping effects and colorful filters.  Since being named as Snapchat’s first chief strategy officer, Imran Khan has managed to increase the company’s ad business and just recently Snapchat announced the launch

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A List of 10 Obscure Social Websites You Likely Don’t Use

Nearly every website or webpage on the internet today gives users the ability to share its content, photos or videos on social media websites. But if you’re like me, perhaps you’ve always been curious about what some of these sites are and who exactly uses each one. Most of us waste enough time on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as it is, so who really has the time to update even just a few more social media sites, let alone a few dozen?

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