Homeless in America
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America For Rent: Citizens in Joint Tenancy

By Phil Butler | March 2, 2013
A story yesterday by CNBC's Diana Olick got my attention initially because of the title; "Home Buyers Are Back, but Where Are the Houses?" In that article Olick talks about the Spring housing market, and about how house inventories are staggeringly low given all the variables. With the raw number of homes for sale its lowest in over a decade, the question "Where are all the houses?" certainly is a curiosity. Let's take a look.
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Foreclosure Buying By Wall Street Providing Hot Air For New Housing Bubble

By Donna S. Robinson | January 21, 2013
Hot air rises, and so are housing prices. It appears that Bernanke's efforts to fund the housing market are beginning to gain some traction. An army of "ex-Wall Street executives" has had more than two years now to re-trench themselves, and move in, to essentially take over the foreclosure and investment property market in the US.
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Is The Fiscal Cliff A Genuine Threat? Or Just Another Handy Crisis?

By Donna S. Robinson | December 1, 2012
Well we all know that the so-called "fiscal-cliff" is looming for new years day 2013. For months it has cast a pall of doom over the pending new years holiday.
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Shadow Inventory Stabilizes As Investor Sales Offset Strong Flow Of New Foreclosures

By Donna S. Robinson | November 1, 2012
A Core Logic research report on Shadow Inventory indicates about 2.3 million units currently in inventory. Shadow inventory is a term used to describe single family homes that are usually vacant and bank owned. For various reasons, the home is not being actively offered for sale.
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Housing Recovery - Trick Or Treat?

By Donna S. Robinson | October 24, 2012
With Halloween 2012 fast approaching, the news of a housing recovery is beginning to permeate the media. But the real question is whether this is a yummy treat we will enjoy in the days ahead, or just a trick designed to fool us into giving candy to those in disguise.
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Big Investors Raising Billions To Buy Up Foreclosures

By Donna S. Robinson | September 21, 2012
Between the recent FHFA auctions of Fannie and Freddie foreclosures, and the appearance of mega-investment companies buying individual properties at local foreclosure auctions, the dynamics of the rental property business are changing rapidly.
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QE3 - Is The FED Using Unemployment As A Cover For Another Bank Bailout?

By Donna S. Robinson | September 18, 2012
Happy days are here again on Wall Street, which saw stocks, commodities and gold going higher immediately after the big news that the Federal Reserve will begin an open-ended program of new Quantitative Easing, known affectionately as "QE3". But this time the Fed is going all-in with it's biggest QE yet
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