Real Estate Technology, US Real Estate, Inc. Offers Simplistic E-Mail Solution at a Price

By Joe Heath | July 27, 2012
I came across an interesting concept today and thought it was worth sharing. Many real estate agents today have their own website and are highly involved with web- and search-engine marketing. In fact, it isn’t uncommon anymore for some real estate professionals to even have several real estate websites in today’s tech-savvy marketplace
SEO, US Real Estate

Content is King in Terms of SEO

By Joe Heath | July 24, 2012
Quality content on your web site will never hurt you, and since the release of Google’s latest Penguin algorithm, it’s probably even more important now more than it ever has been before
Real Estate Technology, US Real Estate

Three Web Marketing Tips Every Realtor Should Follow

By Joe Heath | July 20, 2012
When it comes to web marketing, there are a few common mistakes many real estate agents repeatedly make. More often than not, real estate agents who invest in a professional web site and search engine marketing automatically assume leads will start pouring in the second their site goes live.
Real Estate Technology, SEO, US Real Estate

Disadvantages to Real Estate SEO

By Joe Heath | June 26, 2012
Many tech-savvy real estate agents know there are advantages to search engine optimization. Whether they’ve only heard of the term “SEO” or actually taken the time to read a little bit about how search engine optimization works, there’s little argument about how putting effort into web marketing will benefit your real estate business long-term.
Advertising, Real Estate Technology, Realtors, US Real Estate

New Chicago Website Provides Free Opportunity for Local Real Estate Agents

By Joe Heath | June 13, 2012
No matter where you live, it’s always fun to see new developments pop up in your city or town. Whether it’s a new restaurant or bar, or even a new retail or housing development, growth of any kind is something that should almost always be embraced.
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