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Young adults may stay home with mom and dad longer than expected

By Mike Wheatley | April 28, 2021
Young adults who moved back in with their parents may have been expected to move out again once the COVID-19 pandemic eases, but it’s becoming apparent that many are likely to want to stay at mom’s and dad’s even longer than that. It’s a trend that has big implications for housing. Last year it was […]
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The pandemic has forced millions of young people to move back home

By Mike Wheatley | September 21, 2020
Millions of young adults have moved back home with mom and dad since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and now, the majority of 18-to-29 year olds are said to be living with their parents. That surpasses a previous peak that was set during the Great Depression, the Pew Research Center reported. The survey by Pew found […]
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COVID-19 forces almost 3 million adults to move back home

By Mike Wheatley | June 15, 2020
Growing unemployment across the U.S. has prompted millions of adults to move back in with their parents. As a new Zillow analysis shows, the potential rent lost from Gen Z alone could total an estimated $726 million, and the ripple effects of their next move could have far-reaching consequences for the housing market. The number […]
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Millennials move home more often than older generations

By Mike Wheatley | October 8, 2019
Millennials are moving more often and living in their homes for a shorter period than previous generations. The share of young adults who have lived in their current home for less than two years is nearly 12 percentage points higher than in 1960, according to a new Zillow analysis. Younger adults have always lived in […]
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Zillow: More than 20% of millennials still living with their moms

By Mike Wheatley | May 9, 2019
More people age 23-37 are living with their moms than at any time this century, according to a new Zillow study. Nearly 22% of American millennials – more than 14 million in total – live with their mom or both parents, the highest share for this age group since at least 2000. The share of […]
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Report: Tough realities for younger generations hold back housing

By Mike Wheatley | March 22, 2018
Younger generations are finding it tough to make progress as adults, and in turn that’s stymieing growth in housing markets, according to a new report from Freddie mac. The report compares young adults to previous generations and measures their impact on household growth. Unfortunately, Freddie Mac says that for younger generations, “’adulting’ is getting hard […]
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Student debt forcing many college grads to delay home ownership

By Mike Wheatley | May 17, 2017
As opposed to home ownership a large number of college students plan to move back home with mom and dad as soon as they've graduated, so they can pay off their student loans, according to a new survey of 2,000 young
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