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The Best Reasons to Invest in Beach Front Property

By Guest Author | June 15, 2015

Soft, silky sand between your toes, and the warm Atlantic ocean in close sight from your front porch. Who wouldn't want to live that dream? Fortunately, there are many benefits to buying a beach front property that don't include the year-long sun. Many recommend real estate as an investment. The experts say to invest specifically in beach front properties.

Enjoying Retirement The Best Reasons to Invest in Beach Front Property


Most beaches have moderate to warm temperatures all year round, which means that you can enjoy the sun and water even during winter months. Most people would love to live in that sort of climate, which increases demand. City neighborhoods can go from popular and safe to a shell of what it had been in a matter of years. A beach front location will never go out of style.

Simple Economics

When it comes to beach front properties, there will never be low demand and high supply. There is only so much beach that can be built on, so what exists is what is sold and bought, and the prices only rise. A beach front property that you buy now is a great investment for a future retirement if you choose to sell it later, and those who are currently retiring can still reap extensive financial benefit through renting or leasing the property all year round or even just a few months.

Rental Income

Because you can enjoy a beach front property at any time, an owner who rents out the place whenever vacant can have a high yearly rental income, especially during school vacation times and long weekends. Beach communities often also have lots of restaurants and other great attractions nearby as entrepreneurs know that tourists flock to those areas, which in turn brings more tourists to the beach houses.


A beach front house is a luxury property, and luxury properties in exclusive locations will always have a high capital gain. Just as a high class, spacious condo in Manhattan will always continue to grow and have a strong market value, so will a house on the beach. To get a feel for the current beach front market, visit a website like If your property began at a lower purchase price, make some updates and renovations to make your place stand out to both future renters and buyers. If you choose to keep your small place small, that has a benefit too; smaller houses are easier to maintain and will survive weather better than larger properties, while still appreciating over time.

Whether you are looking to save for retirement or you want something to enjoy and gain income from during retirement, a beach front property could be the right choice for you.

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