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The lowdown on installing water wall fountains

By Guest Author | May 31, 2016

When selecting the different types of fountains that one can install in the exteriors or the interiors of their homes and offices, they should properly research about:

  1. The benefits of installing these fountains
  2. The cons of fountains
  3. The maintenance regimes
  4. The installation processes etc.


Some of the water fountains like the wall water features are ideal for creating attractive and impactful focal points. These can be installed in any room to revamp its looks but will require adequate support. One of the best attribute of the water walls are that they do not require space on the floors and hence keep the floor space free. Also they are usually placed well above the reach of the children.

The water fountains can be placed both within the homes, offices or any other premise or outdoors as well. They are crafted from different materials in versatile designs that the individuals can select from according to their preferences and requirements.

The cons of installing a wall water

While the drawbacks of installing the water walls are minimal they should never the less be considered prior to investing in these fountain types.

  1. Some of these can be really heavy and will require proper support or they might damage the wall or fall down. Most of the times this risk is high when using the wall water made from concrete etc.
  2. Also a wall water fountain may require electrical installation behind the fountain and so the wall must be selected accordingly.

The pros of installing a wall water

  1. The wall water adds to the value of the homes where they are installed. This is the reason, those who wish to increase the re-sale value of their homes often get one installed within their premises. This adds to the appeals of the house and makes the buyers like it better.
  2. The wall water fountains are great at drowning out the noise of the traffic and other noise pollution elements. The sounds of flowing water ads to the comfort of any premise making it more relaxing and appealing.
  3. Installation of the wall water fountains keeps the premise well hydrated even when the weather is dry and prevents the health problems that arise due to dryness. Not only are these an ideal stress relieving accessory, but also work as the perfect air purifiers that release negative particles into the air to attract the dust and other pollutant and get rid of them. The humidity from these fountains keeps the pets and plants healthy as well.

These pros and cons will help individuals in making an objective decision when it comes to selecting a wall water fountain for their homes and offices.

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