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The Most Important Home Features to Emphasize in a Listing

By Regina Gables | November 9, 2021

When selling a home, it's important to put your best foot forward by emphasizing the most important features. Unless you've been in real estate for a while, though, it may be a bit hard to know exactly what features these are. Five of them are outlined below, so have a look and get your house ready for its new owner.

Curb Appeal

A home's curb appeal is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they visit your home, so make it worthwhile. Note that most installations of siding are rated for winds up to 110 mph and in the event that it does get ripped off by the wind, it's easier to re-install vinyl siding than other types of siding. If the homeowners want to replace it, ask them to consider getting vinyl as it looks great and works great, as evidenced by the aforementioned facts. Also, consider having the sellers work on their landscape and paint the exteriors so their house looks great and presentable at all times.

The Laundry Room

Many people on the market for a new home are paying a lot of attention to the laundry area. If you're selling a home that has a large one, make sure it's also well-lit and ventilated. Allow for some degree of alteration by the new owners so they can set it up exactly how they want to. Make sure to mention all of this in your real estate advertisements and you will be sure to get the attention of a number of buyers.

The Roof

A home's roof plays a major role both in the aesthetic and protection of a home. Before you put it on the market, make sure that any leaks that require roof repair have been fixed. Consult with an expert to determine if a roof replacement project would be more practical especially when you're thinking of selling your home. The material of your roof can even have an effect on the premiums people pay for your homeowner's insurance. In Texas, for instance, having a metal roof can see you pay up to 35% lower on homeowner's insurance. If it is within your budget, you can consider a new home roof installation using a material that will be more appealing to potential buyers.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a common space in any house, and it gets a lot of attention from people looking for a new home. If the homeowner's kitchen feels a bit dated or small, encourage them to work on improving it by painting it and knocking down a wall or two to make it more appealing. Make sure that there's enough room to store kitchen appliances, excess food, and host a few people for breakfast and other meals. Doing this will give the house an edge over the other houses in the market, which will see you sell it faster and for a great pre, getting a good return on your investment.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, with a lot of people conscious of their energy usage and leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the environment, make sure to point out all the energy-efficient features that the house has. From modern, efficient thermostats to energy-saving light fixtures to efficient windows, there's a lot you can boast about. Since Energy Star windows can help a typical homeowner save up to $465 annually when they replace single-pane windows, play up this feature if you have it in your house. Each year, the approximate cost of savings that can be made ranges from $126 to $465, and this is something that anyone on the market will love to know.

If your seller can spare the money to work on the mentioned upgrades, they may see a great return on investment that will transfer the costs to the selling price. Most people will be happy to pay a premium for a home that gives them the features they need, so keep this in mind.

Regina Gables is a Realty Biz News Contributor and a freelance writer. With a background in Journalism, she enjoyswriting on real estate topics such as home buying, real estate technology and opinionated editorials.
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