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The Most Important Rooms To Stage

By Anita Townes | November 11, 2020

As you prepare to sell a home, you should pay attention to its appearance. No matter how great a house is, buyers will not come away with a favorable impression of it if tattered furniture, disagreeable decorations, and general untidiness reign supreme within its walls. On the other hand, homeowners and seller’s agents should not place so much care into the décor that the work becomes more expensive than it is worth in relation to the property’s value. Due to this, it may be smarter to focus on select areas within the home. These are the most important rooms to stage.


The kitchen may not be a place where people lounge and relax, but they will still likely spend a lot of time there. In addition, when they are in the kitchen, they’ll need to perform all kinds of tasks as they prepare food. Your main concern should be to make the area pristine and emphasize its storage space. Clean all surfaces and counters and apply paint where needed to fully remove remnants of food and drink splashes and spills. Remove unnecessary items and throw away papers and other disposable objects that tend to accumulate on counters over time. Buyers should be able to picture themselves adding in appliances and using the kitchen without being repulsed by griminess and clutter.

Living Room

The living room is a natural choice for staging because it lies at the heart of residents’ activities. It is also usually the largest and most central location in a house. The arrangement of furniture and decorations should make the living room inviting and calming to buyers. They should also be able to navigate it with ease. Therefore, when setting it up, place seats in a way that gives the room flow. This way, people won’t bump into pieces or need to scoot around them, which can make them view the home as cramped. You can redesign the living room to convey peacefulness by painting the walls neutral colors or putting up wallpaper in similarly soft hues. Modest artwork and plants can serve as embellishments.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms to stage because it is where home residents sleep and rest in private. Like the living room, you should try to create a comfortable ambiance that is in line with the purpose of the space. Put the bed in neat order and clean the closet so that people can look inside. You should also decorate in a modest manner that doesn’t take attention away from the room itself—simple furniture and muted colors work best. Removing personal belongings is also important as you make changes in the master bedroom. By using these tips to stage the rooms, you’ll make it easy for prospective buyers to think about how they would use the space themselves.

Anita is a Realty Biz News Contributor and loves all things real estate from housing, marketing and investing.
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