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The Sure Ways to Find Peace of Mind When Settling on a Property

By Guest Author | October 10, 2013

Anxiety often settles in when people close in on large-scale purchases. Real estate is one of these transactions, and the buying process can be strenuous when serious money and commitment is involved. It’s a big deal, and there’s really no other way to put it.

However, it’s possible to achieve a certain level of comfort and peace of mind when buying a property. It requires patience and calculated preparation, but it can definitely be done when approached with the right perspective.

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Check past remodels and improvements

When you’re buying a home, peace of mind can come in many different ways. One specific one is acquiring details of any home improvement projects carried out, both in the recent and distant past. This can help alleviate curiosity as to what you might be missing on the surface level of a property.

The more you understand about the maintenance that has been carried out on your prospective property, the more of a realistic grasp you’ll have on the situation. As a buyer, you have the leverage. You have the right to request these types of details throughout the buying process, from beginning to end.

Imagine buying a car without knowing the accident report or the owner history. It just doesn’t make sense. With a purchase on the scale of real estate, the financial implications of a minor oversight quickly become major. This type of thinking can vastly improve your state of mind, and your investment. Understanding what and when home improvement has been carried out, and how well the projects were executed, helps provide an accurate portrayal of the place.

Strongly consider surrounding area with relation to your situation

Oftentimes a listing can be glamorous at first sight. After all, that’s the impression they’re meant to leave on the viewer. It’s critical that you as a buyer take the immediate gut instinct reaction and put it in perspective. When a listing jumps out at you, appreciate it, but take a deep breath. This is the time when you should consider exactly where that property sits in relation to your personal circumstances. Too often people focus too exclusively on square footage and number of bedrooms. This focus is too narrow. Some questions to ask:

-        Where is the location in relation to my employment?

-        If I have children, is the property close to their respective schools?

-        Does the location provide easy access to my hobbies and interests?


Feeling comfortable with a location can help put you at ease and feel fully comfortable moving toward closing date on a real estate transaction. If you’re too hyper focused on a home itself, and fail to properly analyze the surround area, actual peace of mind can be compromised.

Quiz the sellers

Feeling uneasy about a property can be quickly mitigated by having an honest conversation with the sellers. While you won’t find out every detail, and you shouldn’t due to privacy, it’s important to get as much information about the actual property and surrounding location as you can. Some questions to ask:

-        If I can ask, why are you moving? Was it something with the home? Downsizing or something?

-        You’re not moving because of safety, are you?

-        Did you enjoy living here? What was your favorite aspect of it?

-        Does the neighborhood have a community feel?

-        How long have you lived here?

-        How was the public transport around here? Safe?


Any angst you’re feeling about how big of a purchase you’re dealing with can be reduced by a few simple questions. No one will have better answers than the sellers, and they should be your first point of contact.

With anything in life, it’s always simpler when you feel at ease. Buying a house is a huge deal, and while it’s not entirely possible or smart to ignore that reality, it is important to try and eliminate any unnecessary worries. Part of reaching a point of complete comfort is truly understanding what situation you’re walking into. These are some simple ways to get there.

Tim Richmond writes for 1st Tribal lending about Native American home loans.

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