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Deciding the "Where" of Buying a Home

By Reno Charlton | January 14, 2011

So many factors weigh on the home buyer when making the decisions about a new home. Price, number of bedrooms, two story, single story, big yard or no yard, schools, and there is where the decision making gets involved. Moving home or buying a first home is a big deal for most people, and it is important to get it just right, not only in terms of the property that you buy but also the area that you buy in.

They have cable dad, let's move! Not.

They have cable dad, let's move! Not.

A number of factors will affect your decision with regards to which area to purchase your home in. Whilst you may thing that you have found your dream home for one set of criteria, you may also discover that the area that it is in is totally unsuitable for one reason or another, is far less desirable for others - in fact this is more probable than possible. But then, if you have been on the "hunt" you already know this. It is necessary to strike a balance between the property itself and the surrounding area in order to get as close to the ideal as possible, obviously.

This house has potential

This house has "potential" - the same goes for neighborhoods

Here are some of the factors that you may or may not have considered, which will affect your decision where "location" is concerned:

  • The local highway networks and public transport links: If you are going to be traveling in order to get to work, college, visit family etc. you need to ensure that it is easy to get around, so looking at things such as congestion on surrounding highway networks and public transport links will be important to many people.
  • Job opportunities: For those that are making a whole fresh start and need to find a job it is advisable to check out local employment opportunities before you start looking for a home in a particular area, as you do not want to spend time finding the perfect home only to find that there are no job opportunities in the area.
  • Schools and college: If you have young kids or teens who are at college you need to scope out the area to see where the local schools and colleges are, and make sure that they are easy for your kids to get to.
  • Other local amenities: There are a number of other amenities that you may want to check out before you make your decision regarding whether to buy a particular property. This includes looking at the location of amenities such as shops, grocery stores, doctor's surgeries, veterinary surgeries, dental surgeries, and even entertainment such as local theaters, bars, restaurants, etc.
Telltale signs a neighborhood may not be right

Telltale signs a neighborhood or location is not right

Whether your are relocating from a distant city, or searching for a whole new life and can move anywhere, the "place" of where you buy a home is as crucial (maybe more so) as the home itself. The old adage of "buying the best house in the worst neighborhood" for the sake of economy and investment actually is horrible advice. Just try making a house in the middle of the Pacific Ocean float. Always do your homework when making decisions of such gravity. There are few things you will do in life more expensive or telling than purchasing your first or last home.

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