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Things to check before choosing a shopfitting company

By Guest Author | September 23, 2016

Utilizing the space for storage efficiently to sell products is the utmost requirement for all retailers who want to open their retail shop in the town. In order to display the items and arrange them in proper organization, retailers need to order and install shopfitting supplies like shelves, exhibition cabinets, mannequins, display units, hooks, spinners and garment racks, etc.


Shopfitting solutions may sound like a simple job; however, to show customers your full range of available products in a strategic hierarchy, it is important for retail outlet owners to store the products and items in the most convincing fashion so that it will be easy for customers to locate, see and choose them.

Supermarkets, Convenience stores, electronics Appliances, Book Stores, Perfumeries, Hospitals, Pharmacies, shopping malls are some the application where high-quality shopfitting supplies are most required. Now a day, to meet the demanding market, new innovative shopfitting solutions are introduced in the retail market. Hence, it is a foremost priority for retail business owners to select the one that will best fit their standards, budget, requirements and latest trends. So if you are looking to run a retail shop, this is what you need to know before finalizing local shopfitting Supply Company.

Finding the delicate balance between price and quality

Before you ever set out looking for suitable, high-quality shopfitting supplies for your retail business, you must have thought about how much you are ready to spend and how more you can stretch your budget. It is rare, almost non-existent, to get the line of quality products that are also affordable. Achieving the balance between cost and quality is hard and needs a lot of luck. If you are one of those frugal types that don’t easily lose their pocket, you will be surprised to know that there are good number of shopfitting product companies out there that will promise the products of good quality at economical rates. But then, you need to make sure they will guarantee their shopfitting supplies will stand durable for longer time. Your extensive research followed by wise decisions will help you buy good products without compromising your budget plan.

Product return and replacement policies

The foremost way to be assured of the authenticity and quality of any product you purchase is to achieve sure guarantee through eyes and touch. Sensory perception is unbeatable when it comes to gathering the sure answers for questions like how long a product is going to last, how it will look once consumed practically, and what kind of value you would possibly receive in the end. When it comes to buying a product with a high price, we often tend to double check the item because for some it is the one-time investment. If shopfitting supplies you want to buy are only available online, you must check if the website offers solid return and replacement guarantees. This confirmation is a key to staying away from fraudulent sellers as sometimes what you see in a website is a little different from what you get, and all the claims made online will fall short when real performance of the product is tested.

Customer service and experience

The ideal customer service never includes the strategy to compel customers to buy products even when they come to inquire about quality, service and price charged. This kind of company that sells shopfitting supplies will appreciate your interest in their line of products and believes that customers will return to their shop for confident purchase or at least recommend their products to someone else if they are truly impressed or satisfied with the service offered by the company. It is of no use if a company has impressive product range and competitive prices unless they have delightful customer service. Bad customer experience will repel you in the first place, of course. It is therefore necessary to choose a company that has skilled representatives who know how to deliver attentive and excellent customer experience.

Detailed Pre-sale inquiry

If you are to engage with a good shopfitting supplies company to check if they have items suiting your retail store requirements, try to discuss the value and durability you are going to get in return for the investment. An ideal shopfitting solutions provider will never hesitate to answer even the most basic questions and will respond to you with the best business ethics. Pre-sales inquiry of products is a critical stage for any company, so if the manufacturer gives you long-winded replies and just tries to tempt you into buying the deal just like that, you are in the sly, greedy hands that will not lead you to what you want.

The extensive product range

Opening a retail shop needs a thorough strategy and advanced planning. Your business majorly depends on how best you present what you have got. The quality of the products you display matters as much as the ways to exhibit it and capture maximum eyes. The shopfitting supplies you want to install in your shop varies depending on the type of retail business you have. The shape, design and installation of different shopfitting solutions are unique to the store you want to create.


Shopfittings products are often preferred for retails such as electronic appliances, supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, Book stores, provisions store, etc. This requires you to select the shopfitting company that has creative and most comprehensive range of products.


About the author: Amelie Lawrence is an experienced professional and informative Guest blogger. She loves to blog about various topics such as automotive, shopfittings, home improvement, business, and the shopfitting industry. Her advice is to always choose a shopfitting company that has the most creative and comprehensive range of products. For more updates please follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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