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Things You Never Knew About Arizona

By Jamie Richardson | December 21, 2018

Arizona has its secrets. It is not only just the mystery of how everyone is moving to this wonderful place, but there are other hidden treasures of this land called Arizona. Arizona is home to more than 300,000 citizens and is home to many Native American tribes. Arizona used to be the home of numerous other Native American tribes. There is plenty of land for sale in Arizona. It is the sixth largest state in the USA. We share some of the wonders of Arizona that you never knew.

Mystery and intrigue await at The Domes, Casa Grande. The Domes were created in the 1970s, but were later abandoned. Now the Domes are known to be the center of satanic worshipping. There are UFO-like structures which give it more presence to the mysterious. It is believed that the tunnels carry bad omen, however, that does not stop many from entering.

There is a Grand Canyon located in Pumpkin Spring Pool, Littlefield. It actually looks like a pumpkin, hence the name. The water looks inviting, however, it is poisonous. Limestone is the reason for the coloring and shape of the pool of poisonous waters. The water is high in arsenic, lead, copper and zinc.

Arcosanti began with the idea that urban development could be improved. This could be done without destroying Earth. Initially it was meant for five thousand (5,000) residents, however, the slow development has not realized that number. Workshops and classes still happen and attract students from all over the world. Construction began in 1970 and the concept is referred to as 'arcology'. The concept is still being funded, but by artistic items sold to those who wish to support. The structures include a five story visitor center, a public swimming pool, outdoor auditorium, and a chain of apartments.

This may not be much of a secret, but it still deserves to grace this list: Area 66 in Yucca. This was to be an experiment. It was supposed to be a restaurant and nightclub. It looks like a golf ball with a 40-foot-diameter. It will soon be refurbished and opened as a museum. Some odd things happen in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon Caverns Underground Suite in Peach Springs are unique. President John F. Kennedy thought ahead of his time and built this safe haven. This was in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1961. He had the Suite built in order to house Americans who may need to be evacuated and helped just in case a missile was launched. The Underground Suite is deep down under the caverns. It can house over 2,000 people and has rations enough to feed that many people for a month. There are double beds, running water, a library and a record player. You can always stop in and enjoy the Suite for $800 per night. Currently the Grand Canyon Cavern Motel is the owner of the Underground Suites.

The Apache Death Cave is located in Winslow. The Apaches attacked a Navajo community in 1878. The leader of the Navajo tribe learned of this and sent men to avenge deaths of other Navajo. The first time they were not successful, but the second time they were successful. Revenge was served and since then no Apache men have set foot in to the Death Cave.

There is also Mystery Valley, located in the corner of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. This is regarded as sacred by the Navajo also known as the Dine tribe. It is believed it used to be submerged underwater. There are artifacts, petroglyphs, and geological formations along with the most beautiful views. Before the Navajo, Mystery Valley was home to the Anasazi tribe. You may visit the Valley only under the supervision of a Dine guide.

Arizona continues to wow with more intrigue. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group in Tucson is available for a tour of retired aircrafts. You will have to sign up for it ahead of time for the largest military aircraft cemetery. If you are in love with airplanes this is the place to visit. This is a 2,600 acre huge space. Planes that were used by the US Armed Forces are on display. Each air craft that was used since World War II is present.

This is just a partial list of the wonders of Arizona. There are many other wonders to Arizona to be visited and enjoyed.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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