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Three Reasons Why Everyone Loves a "Green" Upgrade

By Guest Author | June 19, 2013

With the myriad of renovations that can be made to a home, greener upgrades and additions seem to be some of the most popular. Whether it’s installing Energy Star appliances or low-flow toilets, the possibilities for greener living are becoming increasingly limitless. So long as the trend continues, technology will continue developing, thus lending to the reduction of emissions and pollution on the planet – but why do you care?

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Monetary Reasons

Homeowners everywhere are making changes in their lives; they’re exchanging air conditioning equipment for fans on ice; they’re trading in cars for bicycles and scooters; they’re doing-it-themselves. Many people do it for the satisfaction of having done their part, while others do it for the joy of DIY projects around the house.

For most people though, money drives their decision making more so than anything else. Ensuring that the lights in your home are turned off and being mindful of your water consumption does reduce waste, but these practices are revered mostly for their impact on overall cost of living. People save money when they keep their consumption in check; most other positive impacts are merely beautiful accidents.

Environmental Reasons

The amount of research that has been done on environmental decay in the 21st century is staggering. There’s a hole in the Ozone, the ice caps are melting, forests are receding and disease is rampant. It’s a truly sad state of affairs and a lot of the problems can be attributed to the ever increasing levels of pollution in the atmosphere.

People may think they are finding refuge in their homes, but they are in fact worsening the problem. By making slight adjustments in one’s living space, emissions and pollution can be dramatically reduced and better health can be attained. This lengthens not only the lifespan of humans on the planet, but also the planet itself.

Social Reasons

“Going Green” is one of the most important movements in recent history. Although still in its infancy, it has potential to bring about actual social change in the very near future. It may have started with little things like keeping the lights off in your home when you aren’t using them, or not running the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth, but throughout the last few decades, it has encouraged people to change.

Through civic engagement and discussion, more and more people are joining the ranks of the green movement and bettering the future for their children and their children’s children. With help from social media, reaching people with similar beliefs and interests is easier than ever before and the conversation grows louder and more poignant each day. It still may be a few years before everyone “Goes Green,” but so long as it continues seeping into popular culture, a future with a hybrid car in every driveway, and a solar panel on every rooftop, is a future that is not so far away.

About the author: Griff Haeger is a writer and environmentalist who enjoys writing about home improvements for higher energy recovery.

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