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Three ways to boost real estate interest online

By Jamie Richardson | February 21, 2020

We know that selling property is an important business - not only is it our livelihood, but we’re fundamental in helping people to find their perfect home. Your potential buyer might be a first-time buyer, or a couple looking to start their lives together. It could be a family looking for something better for them, or a more mature client wanting to downsize. They all have one thing in common: they look to real estate experts to help them realize their property dream.

Best SEO practices

You might have the correct buy for your next client - but what if you don’t? It could be that you’re not attracting the best clientele for those properties that are on your books. If you aren’t on someone’s list, or you’re not present in the correct place, then that’s custom that you, and your sellers, are missing out on.

So what do you do? With our disposition to be online, it only seems natural that your next step should be to boost your presence with these channels. There are a number of different options available to you as a real estate agent - these are some of the items you could consider implementing to your strategy if you haven’t already.

Have a great website

When it comes to making a large purchase, such as a family home, today’s consumers like to do a lot of the work themselves. So a potential buyer may use the property’s address on Google Maps to see where it is, then use Street View to get a feel for the area and see which shops are nearby.

So you should make it easy for your potential buyers to access this information in one place. This can include photos, plus easy access to Google Maps. Also include information such as what items are nearby and how far away they are (e.g. the nearest bus stop is a five-minute walk away). You could use idx websites for a modern online presence for your real estate listings, which appeal to both buyers and sellers.

Also make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Tech-savvy customers spend a lot of time on mobile devices, and one study has shown as many as 80% of those accessing the internet do so via a mobile device.

Use social media

Social media is a goldmine for real estate businesses - 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers start their searches for their next home online. However, you should have a concrete strategy for your social media.

Facebook is a staple for marketing for you as a real estate agent. This is because its user demographics represent your target audience for any age and income. The channel also has a number of business features that work for your brand - you can publish updates on your listings, add content, communicate with customers, get reviews and book appointments.

Instagram is also a great choice; fantastic-looking photos of your properties go with the most popular content types on the platform. It’s also becoming more of a priority for those in boutique or luxury real estate businesses. Instagram Stories also give you the chance to give swift, personalized daily updates.

There are many things you can do with your social media channels. Stunning images of your properties are central to many real estate brands’ social media strategies, for instance: they will encourage likes and shares, as well as encouraging people to contact you.

You also have the chance to highlight success stories. Not only do they build social proof, but they also show the human side to your organization. Highlight your track record, too, by celebrating accolades and awards.

Create videos

Real estate agents are using creative videos to push property marketing boundaries. They’re using their listing and social media channels to post these eye-catching clips to attract buyers.

There are even examples of estate agents who have used actors in their property marketing videos, with others who even invite audiences to filmings. One campaign in Sydney, Australia, involved a video for a Star Wars fan, where lightsabers were used and included the characters of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Creating a buzz, this particular video had 12,000 views and 40 groups to its first opening - where typically only five buyers turn up. Of the 40 who came through, they commented on the video and said it got them excited about the property.

So think about what would work best for you and your real estate business and consider incorporating some elements of these suggestions which could boost interest online.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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