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Tips For Buying Investment Real Estate Property

By Jamie Richardson | April 23, 2021

Real estate is a popular investment choice in Australia's Coolum area, where investors view it as among the better options for money-making. It takes careful forethought and research since mistakes have the potential for being exceptionally costly. With cautious planning, benefits can be considerable and success inevitable.

It's essential to determine the reason for investing initially and if doing so will be something that can seamlessly fit in with your current lifestyle. The loan payments need to be manageable without affecting everyday expenses, plus you need to be able to take risks. Not only can there be market fluctuations, but interest rates can go up substantially, and you need to be sure these will be sustainable.

The idea is to treat an investment in the same fashion as you would with a new startup by developing an "investment plan." Hence, you have a guideline on how you intend to approach what essentially equates to a small business. 

That includes whether a single-family home or apartment building is in the cards, what kind of budget is available, and whether it is a long-term plan or something you hope to see a return on immediately. It's wise to use a third party like Rouse Realty Coolum for guidance. A realty company can be an invaluable partner for a real estate investor.

Tips For Buying Investment Real Estate Property

As with any business venture, investing in real estate property requires an initial stage of planning and considering how taking such a significant step will affect other aspects of your life. 

In a sense, you'll need to develop a "business plan" of sorts where you'll designate a budget. In it, you will determine the types of properties you hope to obtain, what your intention is with the properties, whether you can sustain potential substantial risks, and if you want to generate an income right away. 

Suppose you're new to investing or even a seasoned investor but new to the real estate scope. In that case, it's wise to partner with a realty company to guide you through the market, the buying (and rental) processes, lenders/loans, and put you in contact with the varied connections they have access to that can be of benefit. Check out what the market looks like for the next 24 months. Some helpful hints to initiate the process include:

** Set Definitive Goals 

Speak with an authority in the real estate market to better understand the realities of property investing so that you can determine benefits and potential risks. Consider the reasons you feel this is a good fit for you in your current lifestyle, which will lead you towards developing a proper outline for your plan.

In determining whether you can afford loan repayments, these funds need to be kept entirely separate and in no way affect your current monthly expenses or alter the way you presently live. You also need to ensure that you make yourself aware of all possible risks to determine if a severe loss will be devastating instead of sustainable.

** Determine A Reasonable Budget

Most lenders anticipate a deposit of no less than 10% but often 20% in Australia. Still, you also need to be prepared with cash for legal fees, stamp duty, conveyance costs, insurances, interest, and maintenance as a borrower. 

Keep yourself disciplined by setting milestones of when you want to have these amounts. Looking casually for a property might keep you accountable because it will give you something towards which to work. 

In most cases in the country, lenders give variable interest rates meaning the loan costs will fluctuate, impacting your investment. It's wise to check into other options such as a fixed rate or possibly split interest. Always keep the market conditions in mind. It can fluctuate considerably. Learn steps to follow as an investor in the real estate market from this page.

** Managing The Property

As an initial step, a primary decision is whether you'll buy a single-family home to start or an apartment complex, the location, and who will manage the property. Suppose you have minimal time or live a distance from the real estate. In that case, it's essential to make management arrangements, whether it be a property management company or a real estate agent.

The fees for these services need budgeting into the investment plan. The idea is not to have money coming out of your standard monthly expenses or affecting your lifestyle. The ideal is for the investment properties to be sustainable in and of themselves. 

As a property owner, you'll be responsible for maintenance and upkeep. In cases of extreme weather (acts of nature or perils), repairs, potential loss of rent, you'll need insurances to carry you through. Shopping for optimum coverage is vital since no two carriers are alike with their premiums or policy options.

When looking at properties with investing as the primary motivator, most look at the positives, for which there are many like tax deductions. Still, it's essential to look at risks and other impacts like capital gains tax which could be a liability. 

There are key differences between homes you buy to live in and those you purchase for monetary purposes. Capital gains tax is not something typically needed with a house where you reside.

Ultimately the success of buying real estate property comes down to outlining your plan, setting milestones that don't affect your typical lifestyle, and striving to reach those in a set timeframe, plus maintaining a budget that works within your means and that can withstand a potential loss. Ideally, the investment will sustain itself and bring an income - if that's your goal. 

A good third-party advisor like a realty company in Coolum would be an ideal partner to maneuver through the red tape involved in purchasing properties. Investing in and of itself can become challenging; adding the real estate market's complexity makes having someone on your side not necessarily a choice but mandatory.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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