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Tips for Creating the Best Product Marketing Message

By Jamie Richardson | July 19, 2019

Ensuring that clients view your product as the best when compared to what competitors offer is not easy. Here are the tips that can work to get more customers.

Clients do not just come to your business. You have to show them that what you provide useful to them. Moreover, they can only purchase from you if what you offer is superior compared to what the competitors have. As humans, the clients are driven by perception. If you make them feel that the product you have offers solutions to the problems they have or satisfies their needs, they are more likely to purchase it.

Many marketing platforms are available today. Apart from traditional platforms such as billboards, there are also digital platforms such as emails and social media websites. Whichever marketing mix you take, you can only convince the customers if you present the right information about your product.

Many businesses flop today because they do not know how to frame their marketing messages in a way that the customers can identify with them. Even if you are using the translation services online, the marketing messages have to be tailor-made to meet the expectations of the clients. Here are the tips that you can use:

Understand the Needs of the Target Customers

The framing of the message entirely depends on the type of customers you are targeting. As such, you need to clearly understand the kind of people the products are meant for. Create the various segments of the market based on their age, spending behavior, the marketing platform that works for them, and their relative level of income. The way you put across a marketing message for a teenager is not the same way you communicate to a 30-year old. At the same time, the advertisement message for a low-income earner varies from the messaging for the high earners. Therefore, you have to learn what the target market needs. A word that does not address what the customers need is a waste. A website like can always help. There are three things that clients love:

  • Value for money
  • Custom-made products
  • The clarity in message delivery

Present the Product as a Solution to Clients

Customers only go for products that are useful to them. There are various ways you can frame your message to make the clients love it. For example, if you are targeting the low-income earners with a product that is a necessity, you need to put more emphasis on how purchasing the product can make them save more.

On the other hand, the high-income earners want to know if the product on offer make them stand out among their peers. Products meant for the teenagers should focus on the psychological satisfaction that they get from purchasing that product. If the clients feel that your product offer solution, the demand for the commodity is likely to increase. With more purchases, you generate more revenue, which means that your chances of achieving business prosperity increase.

Customers Love Simplicity in Messaging

No one wants to go through vast volumes of complex marketing messages. As soon as the clients notice that the message is incomprehensible based on the words used, they leave the content. The first thing is to ensure that your message is readable. Use a variety of sentences. Overusing short sentences make your message boring.

On the other hand, the exclusive use of long sentences makes the content too complicated. A variety of sentences make the message flow. If there are technical terms that are used in the description of the product, you need to simplify them so that the readers can comprehend them easily. At the same time, do not overuse a particular word or phrase. Use appropriate synonyms where applicable. Another way of ensuring that your message flow is to use the punctuation marks correctly.

Clarity is a critical aspect as you create the message. As such, remove any cases of misinterpretations by ensuring that you eliminate all the ambiguous phrases. To make the clients always remember your product, include a ‘catchphrase.’ This is a simple sentence that the customers can associate with your good.

Identify the Superior Qualities of Your Products

Other players offer a similar product to what you sell or a close substitute. Give the clients clear reasons why they should opt for your product as opposed to what is already out there. Most businesses offer low prices or attractive discounts as what makes their products superior. If you use the same words, you may not achieve much in terms of marketing. You need to add something else. For instance, if your business deals in detergents used in laundry, the customers should know that the cleaner makes the fabrics of their clothes stronger or can clean more clothes as compared to what the competitors offer. The point here is that the message should make your product stand out.

Ensure the Tone Is Right for the Clients

If you have the right message but deliver it the wrong way, you make the marketing message less effective. In most cases, customers like a conversational tone. Write the word as if you are talking to someone face-to-face. At the same time, the customer should not feel threatened by what is on offer. Alternatively, you can tell the customer that they need to purchase the product urgently because it may run out of stock soon. Besides, you can make them feel that buying the product may make them lose the opportunity of a lifetime. However, the message should not sound desperate, either. In the end, include a call-to-action. It can be a statement like ‘purchase today for the best results.’

Overall, you have to understand the psychology of the target clients as you craft the message. Every word needs to fall in the right place. As time goes by, you change the messages according to the variation in the tastes of the clients.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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