Tips for Defending Your Home from Hail

Hail can cause a lot of damage to your home if you don’t make the right preparations. These tips for defending your home from hail will show you how to keep your home safe and secure when a storm rolls in.

Prioritize Your Roof

When you’re building your home or having a roof replacement, invest in durable roofing materials such as metal. Metal roofing can be made from a variety of metals, such as zinc, aluminum, or copper. If you seek out a reputable metal roof supplier, they should be able to provide you with a roof that can withstand high winds, hail, and more. However, less reputable metal roofers may improperly install your roof, hindering its defenses—make sure to do some research and hire the best metal roofing supplier.

Another way to make sure your roof is ready to endure hail is by carrying out an inspection. Look for any punctures, cracks, and missing panels. If you see any problems with the roof, call in roofing services to have them repaired immediately.

Don’t Forget Regular Maintenance

If you don’t keep up with regular home maintenance, then you might need to conduct repairs after the storm comes through. Even something as simple as not keeping up with trimming tree branches can cause significant damage if high winds knock them loose. Additionally, since your roof is one of the areas of your home that withstands the most hail impact, not replacing your roof when it’s time to do so can hinder its ability to stand up against the elements. Make sure to patch up any broken windows as well.

Protect the Windows

Hail can easily do significant damage to windows, shattering them and leaving glass all over your floor. The same principle goes for large glass amenities such as skylights or sliding doors. To keep these from breaking during a storm, install storm shutters. That way, when a storm rolls in, you can close the storm shutters so that they shield your windows from the impact.

Just like with a metal roof, you can also replace your windows with a more durable set that can better withstand the impact of hail. These tips for defending your home from hail will help you prevent property damage and injuries from occurring during a heavy storm.

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