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Tips for Installing a Patio at Home

By Guest Author | June 10, 2013

Creating an enclosed patio with retractable screens will increase the value of your home as well as the quality of your life. With an enclosed patio you will be able to create an oasis away from the stresses of everyday life as you lean back into a comfortable slightly reclining patio chair with a cold beverage and a slight breeze gliding across your face. Such relaxation may just add years to your life.


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Choosing a Location

If you do not yet have a patio in place, the location of your patio should be carefully considered. You want to consider both the land and the sunlight. If you wish to use part of the patio for growing plants to keep safe from animals, you want to ensure the patio receives plenty of direct sunlight. East and West-facing sections often provide a significant amount of direct sunlight for such intentions.

If you wish for the patio to remain as cool as possible, look for a shady space protected by trees or the house. It is also important to consider the location based on the flow of water during rainstorms and the winter thaw to ensure your patio is not damaged by oversaturation during the year. You may choose to use concrete or to elevate the patio is such instances.

Tips on Enclosing

While creating an enclosed patio space with retractable screens is not overly complicated, it is imperative to consider several factors. If your only choice of land is facing direct sunlight and you wish to have a cool patio, choose a screen that blocks out the sun and UV rays. If you wish to have a bright energetic space, choose a screen with wide spaces to ensure the light gets in and the breeze flows freely. You should also be certain the patio is near electrical outlets if you wish to connect lights or stereo systems in the patio.


The benefits of an enclosed patio are ample and growing each year. You will be able lower your bills in the warmer months by reducing the amount of air conditioning you use. In the colder months, you will be able to retract the screens to allow in the maximum amount of sunlight to act as a natural heating methodology. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that you will be able to spend time on your patio without the irritation of pesky insects that often deter time spent outdoors, particularly in the evening hours.

Enclosing a patio with retractable screens is one of the fastest growing trends in North America. These screens will protect you from insects and harmful UV rays. You will be able to protect fruits and vegetables as you sit back and relax after work and on the weekends until the very early hours of the morning if you prefer. And, while you are being kind to the environment, you will be saving money. These screens are truly a wonder for any homeowner looking to maintain the sophistication of their exterior’s aesthetics. New Horizons offer motorized retractable screens and you can visit them online to check out their products.

About the author: This article was written on behalf of RoseSun Window Coverings, a certified Hunter Douglas partner in motorized blinds and shades

This article was written on behalf of RoseSun Window Coverings, a certified Hunter Douglas partner in motorized blinds and shades

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