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Tips for Hiring HVAC Experts For Your Home

By Chris Porter | October 14, 2017

Of all the systems in your home or office, the heating and cooling system is the most complex. Other than the complexity, it is the system that can cost you a lot in utility bills if it isn’t functioning efficiently. Guess what that means: whether you are having a new home constructed or having major repairs, you need the right HVAC expert from a local HVAC company running their hands over those pipes. What if something goes wrong? Will you be safe or will you need to incur other costs such as hiring an outside attorney or filing an insurance claim ?

To avoid these, you need to know what to look for in an HVAC expert.

  • Set professional standards

The best HVAC expert, like the ones from Accurate Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Air Services, is professional in the sense that they are courteous, prompt and treat you professionally. A professional hvac contractor that treat you respectfully and accord you the best service when you visit them at their office is the best person to let into your home.

  • Licensing

In most states, HVAC contractors are expected to be licensed but, there are a few who could be working without valid licenses. If you aren’t careful, you could hire an unlicensed individual who may do a shoddy job. That won’t just lead to high energy bills but, it may also put you and your family in harm's way.

So, to be safe, ask for valid licenses. If shopping online, you should look through the contractor’s website to see if they have a license from the state. You may also want to confirm if they have a license from the municipality.

In addition to the HVAC license, does that person hold a plumber’s license? The latter is important because cooling and heating works involve installation and repair of pipes supplying natural gas or oil.

Also, when working with a company, make sure the company is licensed.

Pro tip: HVAC companies are required by law to hold the minimum level of bonding or insurance to get a hold of an HVAC license. With the insurance, you’ll know that any professional working in your home carries liability insurance to protect you in case of an accident.

  • The expert should have the required professional requirements

For an HVAC contractor to receive their license, he or she must have at least two or three years of experience. In other cases, the minimum is five years. This is because experience is needed for one to be competent in all heating and cooling elements like the refrigerant, electrical wiring, airflow through the heating duct and combustion system. Understanding of these systems will keep your home safe and comfortable.

Without experience, an ‘expert’ may disrupt the functioning of the home ventilation system and the exhaust system, and that can lead to fatalities.

  • Get estimates

Before hiring an air conditioner repair expert, get cost estimates from at least three companies. This is because of the high cost of HVAC equipment’s repair, installation, and maintenance. So, you have to get the best deal. Along with the estimates, ask for the overall scope of the works, the details of the works and the completion date. You should also obtain information about the payment schedule.

  • Rebates and tax credits

Is the type of heating and cooling you are installing or repairing qualify for a rebate or a tax credit? As mentioned above, it is a costly affair and any incentive by the federal government welcome.

  • Service contracts

Before working with a company offering hvac system services, get a service contract program. The contract will give you peace of mind.

  • What brands does the company deal with?

Whether you are planning on buying new equipment or repairing the old ones, you should be sure that the company carries the brand you are looking for. You should only hire a company like the All Seasons HVAC Services that specializes in your preferred equipment brand.

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