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Tips On Decorating Your Office Space in Gateshead UK

By Jamie Richardson | June 24, 2019

As an office worker, you may have noticed that you are spending more than 50% of your waking time in an office. You stay in your office for more than 8 hours a day, or 60 hours per week, and are expected to be creative and productive, doing your best at all times. If you really think about it, the overall look of your office can have an impact on your creativity and productivity while working.

You might not notice it yet, but the design of your office can affect how you feel and think as you work. You may see yourself sitting by the window to get some fresh air while working, and that is because people have a natural predilection to be in a pleasant space to be able to accomplish productive work.

With that said, here are some important tips on how to create the perfect office space, especially in Gateshead, UK:

1. Make Your Office Your Own Personal Space

The first thing you want to do when decorating an office space is to own it. Having ownership of your office space will give you that feeling of comfort and privacy. You’ll be able to do your work without your co-workers constantly bothering you, as you have somehow set a subtle border between you and your officemates, thus increasing your productivity significantly.

You can bring some picture frames with your loved ones in it, plants, your favorite cup, a lamp, or anything that can make you feel at home while you’re working in your office.

2. Choose The Right Lighting And Pay Attention To The Seating Arrangement

Different lighting can have different effects on your productivity while working in an office space. Blue and green lights can help increase your creativity while red lights helps you pay more attention to detail. Dim lights makes you feel free, which also improves your creativity. Brighter lights also help increase your analytical thinking, which is crucial while working.

The seating arrangement in an office space can also have an impact on how employees work. You can use a circle seating arrangement instead of the usual square, which can help foster teamwork and improve collaboration between employees. You can check out Aidan Office Space Gateshead for flexible office spaces.

3. Cover Dull Walls Or Cubicle Panels With Some Lively Wallpapers

Those sad and dull-looking walls or cubicle panels should be covered by some lively wallpapers or artwork. Get some temporary wall decals or wallpapers to give some color and life into your work space. You can also bring a couple of artwork from your home just to give you inspiration as you work.

4. Bring In Some Natural Elements Into Your Office Space

If you office has no windows, you can still make it look natural by putting some plants in the corners of your office or on your desk. Most office setups tend to be gloomy and the best way to solve that problem is to bring in a couple of plants. Plants can help brighten up the atmosphere and mood inside the office.

If your office has windows, make sure that you take advantage of this feature. Employees can work much better if they can look out into nature, helping to relax their mind, which is very important, especially if you are working in a place where the natural view outside the office is always beautiful. For more ideas on flexible office spaces, check out this video:

5. Remember Not To Go Overboard

As much as you want to decorate your office space and make it comfortable for you to work in, keep in mind not to go overboard. Just keep it simple. You don’t want to work in an office that is chock-full of plants or decorations. Having too many plants or decorations in the office can become obtrusive and, instead of increasing your productivity, they’ll only slow you down and distract you.

You also have to remember that there are certain items that are not allowed to be brought inside the office. Be sure to check with your office policy about items that are not allowed within the premises. You want to decorate your office to make it feel like home, but not so much that it looks like your home.


Keeping an office clean and looking good is an important task for an employer. While employees are allowed to decorate their respective offices on their own, it is the employer’s job to ensure that all the offices look neat and up-to-date. As an employer, you need must be able to provide an attractive and comfortable workspace for your employees so they can do the job that is expected from them.

If you want your employees to be happy and comfortable while working for you, make sure that you can provide a clean and beautiful space for them. Once your employees are happy and comfortable while working, you’ll definitely reap the rewards of their improvement both in creativity and productivity.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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