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Tips to Be Safe by Choosing to Automate the Gate

By Guest Author | November 4, 2016

A company or an industry’s biggest fear is security. The success of a company or an industry where there is a warehouse which has expensive things, can really get disrupted if we miss closing the door and a trespasser intrudes.


The big gate in front is of no use if left open in case it is left open by mistake, and there can also be cases where the security does not work properly, and in these cases, you need to install highly sophisticated automatic gates which work with the help of a remote control. Robbery or destruction of important files and goods can be easy walk. Cars kept in garages can be stolen if the gate is left open. Gate automation is offered by many companies and this is the best solution for commercial and industrial gates. The market caters to a variety and the decision can be taken basis the need and the budget.

Types of Automated gates:

There are two basic components of these gates. One part is gate which is made of a physical object like ornamental iron or chain link material and is used to match the fence adjacent to the gate. The other part is gate operator which moves the gate in and out which closes and opens the gate. It can be hydraulic or chain or electricity driven. Gate automation is available in different types.

  • Slide Gates: This is the most commonly used form. This is used in light-duty commercial application. Rollers are fixed at the bottom of the gate which moves it parallel to the fence on the ground. These are also named as V-track gates or rolling gate. Cold weather where it can snow is not ideal for this gate. If debris accumulates then this may stop working as well. Many manufacturers discourage to invest in this form as there is a lot of friction in operating the gates.

  • Cantilever Gates: This is a similar form of gate to the slide gate but does not use the rollers to slide on the ground. Rails are installed to the inside the fence and run along it. This avoids friction and or does not get obstructed. These gates are widely used in heavy-duty and industrial gate requirements.

  • Swing Gate: These gates consist of hinges and open and close on one side. This operation is simple and is like the doors at home or offices. However, there has to be sufficient precautions while operating the gates, as dust particles, dirt and casual mishandling of these gates can reduce their overall longevity.

  • Vertical Lift Gate: As the name suggests these gates are vertically lifted mechanically to open the gate. The barrier needs to be lifted to a greater height in order for commercial vehicles to pass. If the premise has a limited space, then this is a perfect solution.

What are vertical pivot lift gates and barrier arm gates and what are their utilities?

Vertical Pivot lift Gates rotate in and out too open and are not dependent on any tower like structure. These gates operate on the gate operator itself. The use of springs to serve as a counter weight make these gates fairly non-reliable.

Barrier Arm Gates have a vertical arm and can precisely control or block unauthorized vehicles but not pedestrians. These are ideal for parking in companies. There are also the bi-folding gates which consist of two panels of gates which have hinges. Upon activation, these gates fold within themselves and provide accessibility. Due to speed of operation being fast special safety consideration need to be taken.

About the author: Evan Javier is an expert writer, blogger with strong passion in writing for various topics such as home decor and ideas, real estate etc. For more information on choosing the best automated gates, check out Techno Gates Company. Follow him on  Google+ or Twitter.

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