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Top 4 Things Homeowners Look for in Lavish Homes

By Guest Author | June 18, 2015

There are certain qualifiers on the list to be considered a lavish home. Each category targets specific elements that make homes extraordinary. Value, features, amenities, and floor plans are the categories that receive the most consideration. The descriptions have labels including posh, luxurious, and exquisite as characteristics of these properties.

Jamaica --- Luxury Vacation Villa --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Jamaica --- Luxury Vacation Villa --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


Homes are the biggest purchases of our lives. Once you get in the stratosphere of lavish homes, the potential value goes up. The rate of investment increases exponentially when factors such as features, amenities, and floor plans are closely reviewed. The investment component has to do with equity and resale value. Research and tools including an FHA mortgage calculator will help interested buyers crunch the numbers.


The bells and whistles can be found inside and out. All are custom coming from a selection of items considered standard. Lighting, ceilings, floors, garages, and grounds are features that offer endless possibilities when building or purchasing a lavish home. What makes them unique is the quantity of each one and the materials used. In addition, being innovative with things like eco-friendly features is a sought after item.


Lavish homes have unique and impressive amenities including tranquil pools, theatre rooms, and industrial kitchens. The jaw dropping truth is these are considered standard in today’s market according to Amenities in a lavish home are a reflection of the owner’s vision and preferences. Retractable roofs, wainscot paneling and custom accents abound with this category of homes. The rarer the item the more value it holds. Amenities with a focus on personal enjoyment are the most popular. For example, saunas in the master bedroom’s private bathroom, or two-stories-high wine cellars make the list.

Floor Plans

Square footage plays a significant role in lavish homes. The amount and the way the space is used add to the value. It is safe to say that the more square footage a home has the better. Using the space for sizable rooms with soaring ceilings makes the area even larger. Bedrooms must have private bathrooms and common areas should be expansive, including kitchens, living, dining and great rooms. This leaves plenty of room for well-appointed amenities and features. Another aspect of floor plans is whether it sprawls out or up. Multiple level living spaces are a premium floor plan option.

Purchasing a home comes with its own excitement. Factor in a budget for a lavish property and the scenario is heightened. New construction or a completed property may have just what you are looking for. If not, use upgrades or remolding to tweak it at your discretion. Make a list of what dream amenities, features, and floor plans are your preference and let the shopping begin.

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