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Top 7 Best Outdoor Cameras of 2023

By Victoria Udrea | September 25, 2023

Outdoor security cameras are essential for keeping your home and property safe. Whether you want to monitor package deliveries, keep an eye on unwanted visitors, safeguard your children, observe your pets, or have peace of mind, a reliable outdoor camera is a must-have.

Outdoor security cameras provide many features, such as motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, and more. With these features, you can check in on your home anytime, anywhere. They also help deter crime and provide valuable evidence should a crime occur on your property.

For example, a motion-activated camera can alert you if a stranger enters your property and record the encounter, providing you with useful footage to identify the perpetrator.

On average, you can buy a wired outdoor security camera for as little as $20 and a wireless one for $50.

According to recent research from SafeHome, there is a growing popularity of home security systems among US homeowners. At least 72 percent of individuals responsible for making home-related decisions have implemented some form of home security.

Among these decision-makers:

  • 42 percent have opted for video surveillance.
  • 37 percent have chosen video doorbells.
  • 32 percent have installed alarm systems.
  • 11 percent have access control systems in place.

Additionally, 43 percent of system owners have had their systems professionally installed, while 56 percent have chosen to install them themselves.

It is important to note that individuals who have utilized at least one of these home security components report feeling significantly safer than those without. Thirty-seven percent of decision-makers who do not currently own a video doorbell plan to purchase one within the following year.

We have yet to find an ideal model after extensively examining numerous cameras in recent years. Some cameras are difficult to position, some require frequent charging, and others necessitate a subscription fee for optimal functionality. Here are our top seven picks:

Arlo Pro 4 outdoor camera
Arlo Pro 4 outdoor camera, our top pick.
  1. Arlo Pro 4 - The Arlo Pro 4 is a top-rated outdoor camera with impressive features and performance. With its 2K resolution, it captures clear and detailed footage. It boasts a wide field of view, providing excellent coverage. The camera is weatherproof and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It also offers advanced motion detection and two-way audio for enhanced security.
  2. Ring Stick Up Cam Elite - The Ring Stick Up Cam Elite is a reliable outdoor camera that offers excellent video quality. It supports 1080p HD resolution and comes equipped with night vision, ensuring crystal-clear footage day and night. This camera is easy to install and is compatible with other Ring devices, allowing for a comprehensive home security system. It also comes with motion-activated notifications and two-way talk capabilities.
  3. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor - The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is popular for homeowners seeking advanced security features. It boasts a 4K sensor, capturing incredibly sharp and detailed images. The camera utilizes facial recognition technology to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces, enhancing its accuracy in detecting potential threats. It also includes intelligent alerts and built-in speakers for two-way communication.
  4. Blink Outdoor - The Blink Outdoor camera is an affordable yet reliable option for outdoor surveillance. It offers a battery-powered design, ensuring easy installation without the need for any wires. This camera captures high-definition video and provides infrared night vision for clear footage even in low-light conditions. It has customizable motion detection zones and allows live view and two-way audio through the Blink app.
  5. Eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro - The Eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is a feature-rich outdoor camera that combines video surveillance with bright floodlights. It offers 2K resolution and advanced AI technology for accurate motion detection, minimizing false alarms. The camera includes a powerful built-in spotlight to deter intruders and provides two-way audio for convenient communication. It also features local storage options and compatibility with voice assistants.
  6. Wyze Cam Outdoor - The Wyze Cam Outdoor is a budget-friendly outdoor camera that doesn't compromise performance. It records 1080p HD video and offers free cloud storage for event-triggered recordings. This weather-resistant camera has a long-lasting battery life, making it suitable for prolonged outdoor use. It supports two-way audio and features adjustable motion detection settings for personalized security.
  7. Lorex 4K Ultra HD IP Bullet Camera - The Lorex 4K Ultra HD IP Bullet Camera is a high-resolution outdoor camera with exceptional image quality. It captures 4K video and offers color night vision for enhanced visibility in low-light situations. This camera is designed for durability and can withstand extreme temperatures. It also provides advanced motion detection and supports remote access for convenient monitoring.

When choosing the best outdoor camera for your needs, consider factors like video resolution, night vision, durability, motion detection capabilities, and additional features like two-way audio or integration with other smart home devices.

Lorex 4K Ultra HD IP cameras.

10 Essential Features to Look for in an Outdoor Camera

Outdoor security cameras are an excellent investment to protect your home and loved ones. You should always consider the following essential features that make a reliable and effective outdoor security camera: 

  1. Weatherproof Design: The first and foremost feature to consider is a weatherproof design. A good outdoor security camera should withstand weather conditions like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Look for cameras with an IP rating of at least IP65, ensuring they are dust-tight and protected against water jets.
  2. High-Resolution Video: Opt for a camera that offers high-resolution video capabilities. Ideally, it should have at least 1080p Full HD resolution to capture clear and detailed footage: this ensures you can identify faces, license plates, and other details if an incident occurs.
  3. Night Vision: A reliable outdoor security camera should have excellent night vision capabilities. Look for cameras equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs that provide clear and detailed images even in complete darkness. A good range for night vision is around 100 feet or more.
  4. Wide Field of View: Consider the camera's field of view (FOV) to ensure it covers a wide area. Cameras with a wide-angle lens and an FOV of 100 degrees or more can capture more of your property, reducing the number of cameras needed for comprehensive coverage.
  5. Motion Detection: Look for a camera with advanced motion detection technology. This feature lets the camera detect movement and send you real-time alerts via email, push notifications, or mobile app notifications. Adjustable sensitivity settings can help minimize false alarms caused by animals or moving branches.
  6. Two-Way Audio: Having two-way audio capability enables you to communicate remotely with visitors or potential intruders. This feature can help instruct delivery personnel or deter suspicious individuals from approaching your property.
  7. Cloud Storage or Local Storage: Consider whether the camera offers cloud or local storage options. Cloud storage allows you to store footage remotely, providing a backup in case the camera is tampered with or stolen. Local storage, such as an SD card, can also be convenient.
  8. Easy Installation: Opt for an outdoor security camera that is easy to install. Look for cameras with mounting brackets, clear installation instructions, and user-friendly mobile apps for setup. Wireless cameras are often the simplest to install.
  9. Remote Access: Ensure the camera offers remote access capabilities, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Look for cameras that have dedicated mobile apps or web interfaces for easy access and control.
  10. Brand Reputation and Customer Support: Lastly, consider the brand reputation and customer support provided by the manufacturer. Look for well-known brands with a good track record in the security industry. Check online reviews and ratings to gauge customer satisfaction levels.

When choosing an outdoor security camera, it's crucial to prioritize the essential features that meet your specific requirements. A weatherproof design, high-resolution video, night vision, wide field of view, motion detection, two-way audio, storage options, easy installation, remote access, and reliable customer support are critical factors to consider. By selecting a camera with these features, you can enhance the security of your property and gain peace of mind. Remember to conduct thorough research and compare different models before deciding.

Victoria Udrea, a talented author who specializes in real estate and technology, is a valued contributor to Realty Biz News. With her keen eye for detail and passion for keeping readers informed, she diligently covers the latest developments in the industry, focusing particularly on the exciting realms of AI and smart home technology.
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