Top Apps For Real Estate Agents

By Guest Author | October 23, 2013

Real Estate Agents can use iphones and apps to become more efficient and land more deals.  Below are the top apps that every agent needs to know about.

#1) Homesnap- Real estate agents can use Homesnap in order to obtain information, such as how much a home is worth or square footage.  In order to find out about a house, all you have to do is take a picture of the home and then upload it to your tablet/smart phone.  There is information on over 90 million homes across the United States.

#2) Open House Manager- Real estate agents can use the Open House Manager app to organize open houses and encourage follow ups with brokers.  Potential buyers and brokers can sign in to the app and provide you with all of their contact information.  This allows you to easily communicate with potential buyers after the open house.  It also eliminates the need for those pesky sign-in sheets.

© aey -

© aey -

#3) apps for mobile- provides one of the largest databases of homes for sale.  One of the amazing things about this app is that information is automatically uploaded to the database.  This allows you to make accurate searches every time that you search for homes for your client.

#4) DocuSign- DocuSign is a mobile app that allows real estate agents to sign documents while they are using their iOS and/or Windows 7 device.  DocuSign also has a GPA that has the ability to track and record the location of the person during the time of the signature.  The best part about this app is that it allows you to finalize contracts quicker and ensure accuracy.

#5) Top Producer- Top Producer is a favorite amongst business professionals who want to organize all of their business and information in one place.  Real Estate agents can take advantage of Top Producer by using the app to contact other brokers.  The app allows agents to control who sees sensitive documents, mark important dates on the calendar, send e-mails to customers/clients on their contact list, and much more.

#6) DropBox- DropBox is a free app that is available to agents who use iPhones, Androids, and/or BlackBerrys.  DropBox allows users to save important documents to the cloud.  Then the user can access the files on any of their devices.  Agents can also use DropBox to share or edit files.  This app is especially popular amongst agents who use more than one phone or who rely on sending documents through their phones.

Bio: Jeanette is from Boston, Ma and has a bachelor’s of science from Framingham State University.  She is currently working on her MBA with a concentration in marketing at the University of Massachusetts.

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