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Top International Real Estate Markets For Investing

By Guest Author | January 7, 2013

A new year is upon us and many people are asking themselves how they will make it better than the last. Millions of Americans are vowing to go on a diet, join a gym, get thin, and get healthy. Others are swearing to take more risks, go on more adventures, find more excitement, and live life more fully.

© sdecoret -

© sdecoret -


There are also a number of people who want to make 2013 a financial success as well. These people don’t just want to save more money, they want to find more lucrative investments. For decades, financial advisers have been talking about real estate investments as one of the best way to put your money in a metaphorical bank. But real estate investments are not a guaranteed way to add to your wealth. Like any other investment, you have to think about your strategy and evaluate and refine your plans.

If you are thinking about investing in real estate, you should consider making international investments. There are a number of booming real estate markets, as well as many that are on the verge of booming. Below are some of the top international real estate markets for investing.

#1 Development land near Lusaka, Zambia

Never heard of Lusaka? Well The Wealth Report 2012 certainly has. That is why it ranked it as being a high risk, high reward place to plunk your dollars. According to the report, Zambia has a serious housing shortage- it needs to build at least 150,000 housing units a year. Construction is a major contributor to the country’s economic expansion. Growth in the sector is expected to have reached 10% in 2010, driven by strong demand for residential and commercial developments, energy, mining and transport infrastructure.

#2 Commercial property in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland may not sound like a commercial capital, but it is growing. The market for office space has managed to avoid some of the overdevelopment that plagued earlier market cycles, and so it has a very low vacancy rate at only 9% at the end of 2010. Warsaw has some of the best rental prospects in Europe, with forecasters expecting rents to continue to increase in 2013.

© Marco2811 -

Warsaw, Poland, is one of Europe's upcoming investment markets © Marco2811 -

#3 Luxury homes in top European cities

If you are looking for a safe bet, consider investing in cities like Rome, Paris, and Venice. The best real estate investments are those that focus on high quality homes in cities that lack them. For example, a beautiful private home in Paris could fetch up to 20% more than you lay out to purchase and renovate it. It draws a committed buyer with long-term plans.

#4 Commercial property in Sao Paulo, Brazil

As newcomers establish more commercial activity in this exciting city, Sao Paulo needs more and more office space to match it. Businesses are looking for top-notch offices, and the city had a vacancy rate of only 2.8% in October 2010. A lot of private equity and real estate hedge funds are investing in this market.

#5 Rental properties on the North Coast of Ecuador

The prices for land in Ecuador’s gorgeous north coast are surprisingly low. In one of the most beautiful places in the world, you can buy a plot of land for only $31,000. A new road built from the capital to the coast makes travel easy and the land more valuable. It is a great option for someone looking to build beachside rental homes.

The coast of Ecuador is an unlikely bright spot for real estate investors this year © robert lerich -

The coast of Ecuador is an unlikely bright spot for real estate investors this year © robert lerich -

#6 Rental properties in Iracema, Brazil

Demand for rentals in this beautiful region is constantly increasing. With $6 billion being invested in Brazil’s tourism and infrastructure in advance of the 2014 World Cup, investors will get a lot of bang for their buck here. New businesses are sprouting up, visitors are flocking in, and there is no time like 2013 to get in on the action!


About the author: Adam Franklin is an avid traveler, always on the lookout for new investment opportunities to fund his adventures. Click here to see his accommodation on his recent trip to the American Southwest. 

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