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Top Tips for Great Sleep this Autumn

By Jamie Richardson | September 27, 2022

Summer, it’s been a blast. Though as the last of the BBQ’s sizzle out and the mornings get a little darker it’s time to get set up for the cozy season. This may mean making a few changes to our routines to ensure we stay healthy, especially when it comes to bedtime. As we transition into Autumn, many of us can experience disrupted sleep. The effects this has on your mood can be heightened as the clocks go back with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) affecting 1 in 3 people across the UK. If you struggle with sleep this time of year, grab yourself a pumpkin-spiced latte and enjoy a read of these top tips to stay rested all Autumn. 

  1. Light it up

Not a fan of dark mornings and shorter evenings? You are not alone. This is one of the main reasons people do not look forward to Autumn, though with a few easy tweaks you can let the light in! Exposure to light in the morning is important to help regulate your circadian rhythm, whether this means opening the blinds in the morning or using a light therapy lamp. Lighting up your bedroom room in the morning helps signal to your pineal gland that it’s time to start the day. Getting as much natural light throughout the day as possible will also boost your mood and keep your internal body clock ticking down the hours till bed. Make it part of your Autumn routine to get your boots on and enjoy a leaf-crunching walk around the park, followed by a nice hot drink when you get home!

  1. Find the perfect mattress

Is there anything better than that last ten minutes in bed on a cold morning? Nope! As long as you have a great mattress. If there’s ever a time to invest in better bedtimes it’s Autumn, and your mattress is the first place to start. Sleep is personal, though we can all benefit from one that offers proper spinal support, optimum comfort, and motion control to prevent disturbances throughout the night. A Bamboo Hybrid Mattress ticks all the boxes, with a breathable BioCell Foam™ that regulates body temperature and a hypoallergenic bamboo cover to take care of skin. A thermo-regulating mattress will keep you sleeping comfortably for seasons to come. In the quest for great sleep this Autumn, it’s worth finding ‘the one that will make bedtime perfect. 

  1. Work it out

If you missed the gym this summer, now is a great time to make up for it. Keeping active throughout Autumn will help release dopamine and endorphins that will boost your mood and keep you energized. Low energy is typical in the darker months, though a daily workout whether a quick stroll or replacing an uber with a bike ride will make a big difference. Firstly, having a routine may help you stay more positive especially when it involves something that is great for your heart, mind, and joints! Secondly, exercise can give your immune system a boost. You are fending off pesky colds and sniffles. Get your trainers at the ready and get your sweat on for a glowing Autumn. 

  1.  Fill up on the good stuff

Autumn is full of things to be grateful for. From better fashion (hello knitted jumpers and warm socks) delicious food and cozy nights on the sofa. Netflix better has some goodies in store. Though most importantly it’s a time to spend with our loved ones and gives us an opportunity to slow down and take better care of ourselves. From filling up with nutritious, seasonal food, less work, more rest, and plenty of hot chocolates. Allow yourself to fill up on the good stuff this Autumn, and who knows… it might just become your favorite season!

However, you spend this Autumn, make sure you prioritize your wellbeing. These tips are here to help you get the rest you deserve for a beautiful season and make the most of every moment.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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