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Toronto Suites vs. Airbnb: Which Is Best for Short-Term Rentals?

By Jamie Richardson | June 1, 2020

Whatever your reason for temporarily relocating in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, your options are limited to booking an Airbnb or a furnished suite, unless you’re willing to shell out for a hotel room. 

Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery without straying too far from home, or you’re a frontline healthcare worker hoping to self-isolate closer to Toronto’s major hospitals, let’s take a look at how Airbnbs and furnished suites compare on key aspects of your stay, including cleanliness and convenience. 

Cleanliness: Are Standards Enforced? 

Airbnb guests have always been at the mercy of their hosts. The host decides whether visitors’ expectations are met. Will the images online match what you see in person? Will your accommodations be as pristine as you’d prefer? You never know.  

Enforcing the same sanitization standards for every Airbnb host, of which there are millions worldwide, is impossible. The same lack of regulations and restrictions on hosts allowed the company, now worth billions of dollars, to thrive in the past. At the moment, the best Airbnb can do is provide hosts with a set of guidelines for cleaning.

It’s not just Airbnb that has lost customers over concerns regarding cleanliness. Home-sharing platforms, in general, have tanked in popularity. People are nervous about touching shopping carts and handling loose change at the grocery store—sharing someone else’s belongings and inhabiting their home is beyond the realm of reason during a worldwide viral outbreak, especially where the virus is as infectious and resilient as COVID-19. 

Sanitization Standards You Can Rely on 

With a high turnover of guests, a deep clean just isn’t feasible between check-ins and check-outs at an Airbnb. And in customers’ eyes, high turnover itself is a red flag. While Airbnb has suggested a 24-hour vacancy period between guests, such a gap remains optional for hosts, who are desperate to see revenue. 

On the flip side, furnished suites operate much like hotels when it comes to cleaning. Rigid standards are upheld across suites, and room-by-room procedures for disinfecting are followed by well-equipped and trained staff. Equipment and education are paramount to tackling contamination risks—using ineffective cleaning products and counterproductive cleaning techniques does absolutely nothing to keep guests safe. 

Short-term rental companies like Toronto Luxury Suites have gone the extra mile and are employing hospital-grade sanitization techniques to ensure that every suite they offer is thoroughly cleaned and safe for guests to truly relax in. 

Toronto Luxury Suites Provide Everything You Need  

Are you tired of scanning through the checkboxes under Airbnb listings to make sure your accommodations include basic amenities like toilet paper and shampoo? Keep in mind that not all furnished suites are the definition of luxury, either. Depending on which short-term rental company you choose, you may end up disappointed when your “fully-furnished” rental supplies the bare minimum. 

Toronto Luxury Suites provides a well-stocked kitchen, premium appliances, and high-speed internet. With spacious rooms and tastefully-chosen furniture, you’re free to unwind in a comfortable and peaceful environment. 

Their buildings are located in the most elite neighbourhoods of the city, giving you vibrant views of Toronto’s downtown core while remaining within walking distance of grocery stores and pharmacies. On-call managers and 24/7 security personnel are available to assist you in an emergency. 

Find the Support You Need

In the current crisis, Airbnbs are no longer a safe option. An increasing number of people are turning to furnished rentals in Toronto instead. Whether your intentions are to meditate, watch TV, or get some work done, a furnished suite is an opportunity to finally relax without worrying about whether you’re in safe hands.  

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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