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Realtors: Must-know Facts About Twitter Spaces for Real Estate

By Delia Gavrilescu | November 2, 2021

Are you familiar with Twitter Spaces and plan to use it for your real estate business? Is this new in-app feature helpful for real estate agents? Does it make sense to tap into its potential to drive more real estate leads?

twitter spaces for real estate.

What Are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces are right now more or less an experiment. Whether they will help your real estate business or not is a matter of adoption and engagement. However, if you are a good communicator and record some success on other social networks, Twitter Spaces should not be difficult to master.  

First, you must understand that Twitter Spaces is Twitter's answer to Clubhouse, a conversational app with networking functionality. To make room for Spaces, Twitter retired Fleets basically because Fleets never managed to get enough users engaged. Fleets were disappearing tweets, similar to Facebook and Instagram "stories." They appeared at the top of the user's timeline, now a screen real estate reserved for the new Twitter Spaces.  

Anyone can join, listen, and speak in a Space on Twitter for iOS and Android. All Spaces are public tweets, so if you want to keep private conversations, this is not the platform for you. Instead, Twitter Spaces are for broadcasting to possible real estate clients and peers. Note that users can even join your Twitter Spaces communications without appearing as a guest in the Space. As Twitter explains it:

Spaces can be listened to by anyone on the Internet. This is part of a broader feature of Spaces that lets anyone listen to Spaces regardless of whether or not they are logged in to a Twitter account (or even have a Twitter account). Because of this, listener counts may not match the actual number of listeners, nor will the profile photos of all listeners necessarily be displayed in a Space.

Twitter Spaces

You can co-host Spaces with other users and invite speakers. While the number of listeners is unlimited, there can be only 13 active speakers at a time, including the primary host and co-host. If Twitter manages to keep users hooked to Spaces, we can see many improvements to the platform.

As of October 21, 2021, everyone on iOS and Android can host a Space.

There are more details about how to use Twitter Spaces via the official Twitter help center

Do Real Estate Agents Use Twitter Spaces?

There are no success stories just yet, but real estate agents and companies are using Twitter Spaces for business. Next time you see a real estate company announcing a "room," you can join in actively listening or engage in the conversation by becoming a speaker. To find a space to listen to, go to your Twitter search bar and type in "filter: spaces," and you will see what is playing now. Refining your search by adding "real estate" to the query will work if anyone is chatting about the topic when you want to be active. Otherwise, you will see events that ended.  

Twiter Spaces real estate search filter.
Twitter Spaces search for real estate on the desktop delivers disappointing results.

The search results were disappointing at best - Twitters Spaces doesn't appear to have traction within the industry just yet. Still, as I mentioned above, it is only available for everyone with an iOS or Android device only since last week. Previously, Spaces were only open for users with 600 followers or more. So naturally, users with more followers will have a better engagement experience with Spaces. 

Therefore, if you have many followers for your real estate business account on Twitter, you can start experiencing with Twitter Spaces. Possible topics include Q&A sessions about the real estate market, DIY tips, industry analysis from an expert's perspective, mortgage advice, and many others you would consider for creating videos or real estate podcasts. 

Once you decide to host a room on Twitter Spaces, you can invite speakers and listeners by sending them a link. So, put your best foot forward and create a newsletter to announce your big event. This way, you will avoid having an empty room. 

how to follow on Twitter Spaces.
You can decide to follow the most interesting speakers or listeners on Twitter Spaces.

Once listeners start joining in, you can click on their avatars to see their profiles and decide if they make for good potential leads if you don't already follow them. You can even follow users after the event has ended. This is one way how Twitter Spaces has the potential to gain you more followers and expand your social media footprint on Twitter. 

A Few Tips for a Successful Room

To be successful with Twitter Spaces, you must follow a few traditional marketing rules:

  • Planning goes a long way: think about the conversation you want to host and create an action plan, including discussion points, speakers, duration, day, and best time to broadcast. 
  • Schedule the event and send your followers, newsletter subscribers, and peers a link, push notifications, or reminders to join your room. You can email the link or publish it on other social networks to gain even more active listeners. 
  • Include speakers with fresh ideas who can bring value and refreshing perspectives to the conversation. 
  • Offer exclusive content - deliver the value your audience needs, deserves, and expects. 
  • When you are live, encourage your listeners to tweet about your event and encourage participation in the conversation, especially during Q&A sessions. 

Sometimes your Spaces can be all business and relate only to severe issues. Still, it never hurts to have some fun, especially on the weekends when audiences consume more entertainment than information. It's up to you to set a tone that identifies your business persona and appeals to your followers. 

Delia is a Realty Biz News contributor, andpassionatewriter. She covers a variety of topics, including SEO for real estate, real estate marketingand social media marketing.
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