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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Complete Home Improvement Projects

By Guest Author | November 6, 2012

When it comes to home improvement projects, it can be easy to spend a lot of money hiring a professional. Sometimes, that may be the best way to go. But, somehow many women are finding themselves in a position to complete home improvement projects by themselves. These tasks can seem daunting, but there are ways to make it easier.

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Leveraging social media is a good way to gather information and organize plans and ideas for home improvement projects. Social media networks can even be great places to find answers to a sticky question or get feedback on a project or process. The connections that women (and men alike) have on social media networks can serve as supporters and mentors in the building and creating process, so why leave them out?

Here are three ways to use social media to help get those home improvement projects finished.

1. Start a Pinterest account.

Pinterest is all over the news lately, but that doesn’t mean that all women are using it—even though its user base is primarily made up of women. Some women might be holding back because of its reputation—that the social network has little value, and the content that its curated there can’t readily be translated to the real world in terms of heavy-duty home improvement projects.

However, more and more, Pinterest users are uploading and sharing home improvement ideas—and not just pictures of throw pillows. Pins are beginning to link back to websites with fully developed instructions and materials lists. Combined with users’ ability to visually gather and sort a vast array of ideas, this social network is fast becoming a great home-improvement resource. It shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly by those women who are planning multiple projects or revamping major portions of their homes.

2. Follow relevant groups and pages on Facebook.

Many home-improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot now have robust presences on Facebook, and these pages can be a very useful resource for women looking to complete building projects at home. Not only do like-minded people tend to congregate in these spaces, but it’s another avenue by which to connect with the professionals that staff those stores. On these Facebook pages, women can find tips, coupons for building materials and decorations, and answers to questions they might have. This wealth of information is only a “like” away…and you’re likely to save some dough, too.

3. Get useful feedback on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…you name it.

If you find yourself stuck on a particular instruction or installation, the Internet should be the first stop for finding solutions. But if Google lets you down, women can leverage their social media networks to get quick answers. Try tweeting home-improvement professionals on Twitter or uploading a quick video to YouTube, explaining the problem and asking for advice. Yes, there are some trolls out there, but the Internet is a big place—there’s likely to be someone who can offer a bit of friendly advice. It never hurts to make connections in these spaces, either—you never know when you might have another question.

Women shouldn’t be afraid to tackle home-improvement projects. Anything is possible with a well-stocked toolbox, a clear sheet of instructions, and a supportive network. Very often, that network can be found online through social media spaces. And let’s not forget—it’s not only women that sometimes find themselves stuck in the middle of a project; these tips are equally useful for men who may be just starting out in the home improvement scene.

When everything else fails, social media is a great resource. So grab that toolbox and get started.

Jay Preston is Brand Manager at Tool HQ, Australia's premiere power tool supplier.

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