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Using Technology for Effectively Selling Homes

By Crystal Tost | September 28, 2018

Technology, nowadays, is undeniably pervasive that it would be more surprising to meet a person who doesn’t have an idea about using mobile phones, laptops, Internet, radio or television. Technology has become this widespread because it has been making life easier and maybe close to being on a bed of roses. Countless activities, which used to require a lot of legwork, have turned into a simple click away.

Home sellers, among students, professors, doctors, entrepreneurs and all other professionals, are grateful to technology as it has created ways to make researching, information disseminating and marketing less exhausting and less challenging. Technology is able to reach millions, and even billions of people worldwide, even in an industry that used to be traditional – real estate.

Use of Technology in Selling a Home

As majority of mankind own a mobile phone and/or have access to the Internet, it would be an instant option for realtors to make use of technology as a means of advertising, marketing and selling a property or a home. This tool, without any doubts, provides realtors convenience from letting the entire neighborhood know that there’s a property for sale to featuring every corner of the home in a blog, on TV, on radio or even as simple as putting on Twitter - #myhomeisforsale.

Technology is very simple, cost-efficient and very effective in reaching your prospective market. Now, it will save you from walking around town distributing flyers and putting up ads on every post or wall on the street. You just have to know how to use it, how to maximize its use and more importantly, to put its every use to your product and your own advantage as a seller.

The Power of the Internet

Majority of those trying to look for a new sanctuary or for a new place to live in don’t immediately go out in every village spending hours and days travelling from one city to another just to look for a prospective property to purchase, instead most buyers would rather search comfortably in their own homes. The Internet has already made roaming around the city possible and easier since it allows one to browse through available homes for sale and to virtually visit them within the comforts of their homes. As of November 2008, statistics of the National Association of Realtors show that 84% of interested home buyers start to search for prospective homes in their own homes and 73% of the buyers visited the home they’ve searched online.

Such popularity among people searching for a new home only proves that Internet is a powerful tool in selling and advertising your property to a wide group of market. Realtors can make use of the hyped social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more by presenting a home portfolio where customers can have a glimpse of how and what your product looks like and whether it will suit their needs and wants.

In creating an online portfolio, it is very important to virtually stage your home or present your product the best way possible. Take photos in their best angles and highlight the beauty of your property. However, always be truthful in your presentation. Make sure that they are as good in person as they appear in their computer screens so as to not leave your buyers in deception and disappointment.

The Fluidity of Mobile Applications

Aside from the Internet, people are best and easily accessed and reached through their mobile phones. Today, both young and old own a cellphone, which they carry with them wherever and whenever. These gadgets can be beneficial for agents in real estate as this can be their means of keeping prospective buyers updated about their latest and newest products and developments. Agents can easily call or send their clients text messages at any time of the day when they have a property to offer. This can also be their means of getting feedbacks and comments from home buyers, which they can use to improve their marketing strategies and tactics. Also, the spread of countless mobile phone applications here and there can aid realtors to locate even those possible customers who reside in other cities or towns.

Other than using mobile technology on improving communication, it can also be used as an extension to one’s marketing strategies anchored on the Internet. Mobile phones of today have become more and more innovative as it has made desktops, personal computers and laptops very handy.

Technology in One’s Own Home

Technology isn’t solely for advertising and marketing your homes. Real estate is a very competitive field that your competitors may be as near as your closest neighbor. Homes on sale may be present in every nearby village, and as a realtor it is your job to make your product as unique as possible. How? Technology can help in making you create the label or the impression that you would want to leave in your prospective buyers’ minds. You can make a good impression not only through your yard, your furniture, your bathroom, but also through the cool and hi-tech equipment you have to show off. You can use this as your edge compared to the other homes in the block as this would only show your creativity, edginess and uniqueness. Who knows, this may even be one way of making those customers consider your property since they couldn’t help but remember how different your home is compared to the other traditional ones. helps home sellers by guiding them in effectively using technology to sell their homes. Here are some types of technology and how you can use them today.

Crystal Tost has been an award winning real estate agent from Calgary since 1997. In addition to a successful career in real estate, she is the team lead at CalgaryListings.comwhere she mentors and develops the careers of her buyers agents.
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