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Web Design for Real Estate Agencies

By Guest Author | January 26, 2016


Real estate Web design can be a powerful sales tool or vice versa scare away potential customers and create a negative image of the company. Of course, the success of the project depends on many factors like choice of the correct concept of positioning, the ratio of quality and price of services provided, and so on. But today, we touch on one of the most important components of success – His Majesty the Graphic Design.

Although each case is different, there are still some useful universal tips for you to stay in trend and what’s more important – to progress. will share with you the must-have tips for a successful real estate agency webstite design.

Product Catalogue and Convenient System of Filters is a Must

In your case it’s the catalog of the existing proposals. You’ll never become efficient if your website doesn’t have the catalog of real estate with a lot of filters. Remember that for a client any real estate agency website is just a way to find the suitable apartments or house. Do not allow the user to get lost in your database offerings. Install convenient system of filtering and information sorting.
The lack of filters or inconvenient search can force users to leave your website and turn to competitors. Think through a system of filters. But do not overload the search form, let it will include only the most important selection criteria.


Usability is a Key to Success

Navigation should be very simple and intuitively understandable. The faster the client will find interesting information, the faster he will come to your office to sign the contract.

Remember, your website should be loaded quickly and look exactly the same in every browser. Otherwise, you may scare off potential customers. So make sure to have your website built by a Brisbane agency, for they provide the right guidance and assistance needed to create a successful website!

Provide as Much Information as You Can

The description of each offer from the catalog should be as detailed as possible. Therefore it is necessary to provide not only textual information but also pictures and videos, geotagging systems, etc. That’s the only way you can interest the customer today. There should be a sufficient amount of information that is really easy for perception.

Adaptive Design

The introduction of adaptive design has been a major trend in 2014, and it seems it will continue to dominate in future. Many real estate portals and brokers get more experience in dealing with mobile users. To meet the today’s needs, your website must provide as many functions and options for mobile users as it provides for the users that come from PC.


Traditional Themes

When you come up with a selection of themes for the website, we advise you to be guided not by your preferences but by the way of thinking of your potential customers. Ask yourself the question about what is the main factor that makes the visitor to cooperate with the agency. We believe that this is not that other as reliability. As a rule, real estate transactions are made in medium and large sums. No one wants to risk by cooperating with unreliable company. Based on this, try to choose the traditional themes that emphasize your consistency and reliability.


Fonts are often overlooked when designing. The fonts you choose determine easiness of reading pages and usefulness of materials to the public in general. Large print and pictures can turn your website into an art object.

The one more point to concentrate on is the fonts adaptivity. The text should look good in high resolution on different screens. A font with a properly defined margins and style leads to a better contrast for easier reading.


Pop-up menus

Hidden menus allow you to maintain a minimalist page design and make a focus on the most important information until the user hover the mouse or touch the top of the screen. You can also use ghost buttons to visually increase the space and to remain the ability to see the fragment of the background that would be otherwise hidden.

High-quality Photo Galleries

Increasing speed of the Internet let website owners to present high-quality photos without compromising the website performance. Of course, the potential purchaser is more than interested in familiarizing with all the features of the proposal. Try to provide the full gallery for all of the proposals that the visitors were able to see all the features of an object even without leaving their homes.

High quality graphic design not only promotes the visual satisfaction of the visitors, but also helps the website to take better positions in SERPs. Of course, if you do not have high-quality services, even the best design in the world won’t help. And vice versa: quality services will be likely nullified by the inconvenient design. So that comprehensive work is the only possible way to create a real estate agency that generates profits.

About the author: Brian Jens is a blogger and moderator at Design Contest, a website that holds contests among the designers to produce the best solution for particular projects. Brian is always in trend. He carefully track the latest changes in design market and keeps his skills up-to-date.

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