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What Buyers and Developers Need to Know About Sustainable Real Estate in the UAE

By RealtyBiz News | April 5, 2023

Sustainable real estate is the new trend everyone’s been talking about in the UAE recently, but what exactly is it? 

It refers to optimized housing designed to disturb nature as little as possible and have a negligible environmental impact. It doesn’t come at the cost of comfort — it is just as critical for sustainable real estate to flourish. 

As more and more people flock to the UAE, this concept becomes appealing to potential residents and property purchasers. 

People have also begun to realize their negative impact on the planet and are incredibly passionate about reducing it as much as possible with the help of sustainable housing. These reasons are why the sustainable real estate market in the UAE has been growing, and with benefits for buyers galore, you should seriously consider investing in it.

Brief Overview of the Sustainable Real Estate Market in the UAE

Metropolitan Real Estate is nothing short of a revolutionary real estate platform in the UAE and is currently working on capitalizing in this market with its wide range of sustainable housing projects, such as Sustainable City. 

It consists of advanced energy-efficient technologies and designs to minimize energy consumption, such as electricity-saving lighting, renewable energy sources, etc.

Choosing Green Real Estate: A Smart Move for Buyers

Investing in sustainable real estate is a smart move for any citizen looking to reduce their environmental impact, while also reaping long-term benefits. And sustainability is becoming reality in the UAE. In this section, we’ll explore the advantages of choosing green real estate in the country, and why you should consider it.

Lower Utility Costs

One of the main benefits for buyers investing in sustainable real estate is the significant reduction in energy costs. This benefit is mainly achieved through the integration of various energy-saving technologies, such as light efficient bulbs, insulation, recycling, reduced water usage, and smart building technologies. Now that you have no more large bills to go through, you’ll save your hard-earned money for your other ventures.

Healthy Living Environment

Another big advantage of sustainable real estate for buyers is the creation of a healthy living environment. Sustainable buildings use raw materials free of toxic chemicals and have advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which help reduce indoor air pollution. 

This results in a much healthier and more comfortable living environment for residents. Other key features of sustainable buildings include access to natural light, biophilic design, and thermal comfort. 

Increased Resale Potential

Environmental scientists have made it clear that the impact of humanity on the planet has been unpleasant, to say the least. People grow more aware of their carbon footprint daily, and most aim to reduce it. It leads to an incredibly high demand for buying sustainable property, which is nothing but great news for buyers as they can expect to sell it fast at virtually any point in time. It makes sustainable housing an attractive investment option for anyone looking to get into the sustainable real estate market.

Sustainable Building: The Key to Success for Real Estate Developers 

If you’re a real estate developer, you simply can’t afford to pass up this phenomenal opportunity to invest in sustainable housing. The benefits that real estate developers have in the UAE are far more expansive and enticing compared to anywhere else. These benefits range from increased property values to long-term cost savings, netting real estate developers a higher profit. The entire sector is poised for growth, and in this section, we will dive further in and explore the advantages of sustainable building for real estate developers in the UAE.

Rise of Property Values

The biggest advantage for developers who invest in sustainable building practices is that they can benefit from increased property values. The value of the eco-real estate will constantly grow, or at the very least, remain stable, which will have a positive impact on pricing. 

Sustainable buildings have a much longer lifespan than traditional buildings, and they also have much lower maintenance costs and higher resale value. This makes them prime investments for any real estate developer looking to turn a profit. Additionally, due to their high desirability, there’s certainly no shortage of people who wish to purchase these homes and become permanent residents.

Compliance With Regulations

Developers who comply with the government's regulations on sustainable real estate development can receive several benefits. These include tax breaks, grants, or accelerated permitting procedures. 

This is only possible because the UAE government has implemented regulations to encourage the development of eco-friendly buildings, which has resulted in a significant increase in sustainable development across the country. 

The sole reason for these regulations and rules is to give the upper hand to real estate developers and offer them some incentive to put them in a safe position. 

If there’s less risk to incur for developers (who always have to be very careful about where they invest), there’s a higher chance they’ll invest their resources into sustainable real estate in the UAE.

Cost Savings

Not all advantages are immediately apparent. The construction cost of sustainable real estate can be much higher than regular housing. It can be attributed to the higher cost of construction materials, but that’s just an initial hurdle. 

However, looking at the big picture, it becomes fairly obvious that developers will reap greater rewards across the lifespan of the buildings. If you look at the maintenance and service costs across the years of development, the initially expensive materials are invaluable. Their long service life makes it viable to net higher profits in the long run. 


To conclude, sustainable real estate offers several great benefits to both buyers and developers in the UAE. They include lower utility costs, a healthy living environment, increased resale potential, compliance with regulations, cost savings, and increased property values.

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