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What Does A Design Architect Do?

By Jamie Richardson | September 23, 2019

Architects are of many types, among which designer architect is one of them. They work not only on residential and commercial setups but also urban and industrial building design Australia. They give decoration and artistic value to the engineering draw ups.

Architect for home building

Their work isn’t strictly bound to establish new homes but also work on renovating various buildings. Following are given some of the most prominent jobs of Designer Architects:

  1.      Offer Design Consultation:

Such architects usually engage themselves in constructing an architectural design and specifying projects. They get themselves well – informed about the client’s needs and requirements. And only then do they draw up a proper structure catering to the following interests. And they are to mandatorily make use of both hand-drawn drafts as well as by applications.

A single architect does not rather cannot normally finalise a design. Instead, he or she has to consult and discuss with other construction professionals and designers to present a satisfactory plan to the client.

2)      Structure Models:

This is the primary responsibility of all townhouse architects Melbourne. They create design models through a lot of medium, for example, blueprints, sketches, etc. They sit together with the client and redo and redraw the draft until the client is not totally satisfied with the outcome of the designs. These drawings need very high technology for its perfection and accuracy.

Thus it can also be said that apart from the manual effort, it also includes the usage of any software like CAD (Computer-aided design).

3)      Legal Approvals:

Receiving approval from the higher authorities is a tiresome job which is done by them. They do keep a working hand in fields like the federal and local laws along with building codes.

Researching about the environmental impact and speculating the project budget, they see to it that the plan has been authentically legalised. Their continuous connectivity does this with the governmental new build and legal department from which they sanction their plans.

4)      Keep Forth Findings:

Lastly, they work to keep their ideas in front of their clients. They not only have to work on the background but also need to present each and every detail of the facts to their clients, majorly through illustrations. For this Design Architects, have a clear and loud voice that can keep their plans with utmost confidence and reality.

Many of them consider this as an informal meeting, but in some cases, it comes to a formal conversation for which they may need powerpoint presentations and the same.

5)      Miscellaneous Works:

There are various kinds of minor errands that have to be run by Designer Architects. These are as follows:

  • Acts as an integral part of a project and team manager.
  • They are always rushing to sites and locations as directed by the authorities.
  • Designer architects are the ones who majorly attend client meetings every time.
  • While carrying out the project there, sometimes occur many problems. They keep up with resolving such issues.
  • People in this profession are very flexible because they work to put together a number of persons like construction managers, architectural technologists, service engineers, quantity surveyors, etc. And not only this, he or she also sees to the fact that no one clashes with each other.
  • Make new clients and hold back the new ones.
  • In case of renovations, look into the previous condition of the buildings.


There are many more jobs of an architect. Among the others, supervision may be included too. Moreover, they are the ones who entertain different types of projects and bring themselves to people’s attention. Hence, it is evident that a design architect plays several important roles for an organization.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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