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What is "Hard Money" in Real Estate Investing?

By Jamie Richardson | November 29, 2021

In the traditional sense, hard money lending means a lender with a short-term loan to an investor or developer, typically for use as a down payment on a property. The term comes from the idea that this type of financing is more complex to get than other loans because it requires little or no documentation and has higher interest rates. 

In recent years, however, many lenders have begun offering hard money loans that are easier to obtain and have lower interest rates due to changes in lending regulations. This blog post takes you through the world of hard money.

What is "Hard Money" in Real Estate Investing?

Hard money lending is very different from other types of loans in the traditional sense. You borrow from an individual or private party in a hard money loan with little or no documentation required. The term "hard money" means that these loans are harder to get because they usually have higher interest rates and stricter terms than conventional financing.

On the other hand, these types of loans are great when you need funding quickly and don't have time to go through a lengthy underwriting process.

The term "hard money" has become popular in recent years with the popularity of "creative financing." Creative financing is when an investor uses finance or mortgage products that are not traditional for investing in real estates, such as private and hard money.

How Do You Find a Hard Money Lender

These days, there are online resources that have brought together information on the different hard money lenders. You can find this information even for lenders in various states. When choosing a site such as HardMoneyHome, you may be glad to see an extensive directory of potential lenders. 

Reliable websites will also allow you to compare prices and find different reviews for lenders. This can be helpful when it comes to decision-making on the lender to approach. You may also get links to speaking with specialists.

Which Criteria Should Guide the Choosing of a Lender?

If you are looking for hard money lenders, it is crucial to consider the following criteria:

  • Loan amount: The amount of loan you are applying for will determine which lender to use. Lenders typically have a canopy when it comes to the loans they offer. Make sure that your loan does not exceed the ceiling.
  • Interest rates: Interest rates vary from lender to lender. Always consider a loan with a lower interest rate because it will lower your payments in the long run.
  • Terms of the loan: The terms of your loan can vary significantly regarding interest rate, payback time, and more. This is another criterion that you need to carefully consider when picking a lender because it will affect your profit margins in the long run.

The Benefits of Hard Money for Your Real Estate Investment

There is no waiting and taking days on end to get a loan. The entire process can be completed in as fast as a week or two. For many investors, this speed makes the difference between buying the perfect property and missing it together. It also cuts down on the holding costs because you do not have to wait for financing.

Hard money lenders are very flexible with lending terms. It means that they can offer loans with short payback periods and low-interest rates if your credit score is low or property is located in an area where other people are struggling to get loans. This flexibility allows you to finance a property without much difficulty.

A hard money loan is a type of financing that requires little or no documentation but usually has higher interest rates than other types. These loans are quick and flexible, making them perfect for investors who need to act fast with their investments to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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