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What Property Managers Can Learn From Smart Home Security Technology

By Ben Shepardson | January 30, 2023

Property managers have a lot on their mind, especially when it comes to keeping their tenants safe and secure. Managers of multi-unit properties often find it necessary to implement security measures such as camera monitoring. Still, there are more modern methods for increasing the overall security of your rental properties. 

One of the most useful ways to do so is by leveraging the use of smart home security technology, the kind often employed by homeowners in the form of smart home devices. Here’s why you should consider integrating these connected security measures into your properties and what you can learn from these technologies.

Increased Levels of Safety

It’s your responsibility to keep your rental property as secure as possible. With bad actors becoming more sophisticated with their approaches, conventional security measures can be defeated more easily than ever before. Therefore, it’s necessary to step up your game by using smart home devices that provide boosts to overall security. Keeping track of who is on your property 24 hours a day through home automation devices can be a major advantage when you need to be on the lookout for unauthorized access or suspicious activity.

Better Tenant Relations

Being able to monitor your properties means you can also identify when tenants are in need of aid more quickly. Using smart security technologies can help you keep track of tenant habits, ensure only tenants have access to specific parts of your rental property such as laundry rooms, and build better relations with those tenants by providing for their needs more comprehensively.

Improved Revenue

When you increase safety and security at your rental property, your investment becomes better protected. The risks posed by issues such as vandalism or burglary become lessened, and tenants that live in a safe environment tend to stay for longer periods of time, thus minimizing the potential for vacant units having a negative impact on your monthly income.

A More Positive Reputation

No one wants to live in a rental property if it has a reputation for not being very safe. Smart security technologies offer higher standards of service to tenants, especially when you’re not on premises - safety alerts sent from smart devices can be received by any mobile device, offering property managers tools to address safety concerns from anywhere and at any time. The results include a better reputation for your property as a safe place to live.

Fewer Overhead Costs and Better Efficiency

Smart security devices are often much better equipped with advanced functions than more conventional security systems. Additionally, these security devices are often less expensive than traditional systems and security services, leading to better overall safety at a reduced impact on your overhead. Additionally, smart system controls let you automate any number of your security operations. Even maintenance duties become easier when infrastructure issues are automatically detected by smart devices, often before a tenant realizes there’s a problem. The result is much higher levels of efficiency than otherwise.

An Added Bonus: Better Productivity

Managing a rental property is a full-time job and then some, requiring high levels of attention to detail and full engagement in even the smallest tasks. Yet you can reclaim some of that precious time by using smart security devices to automate tasks that are repetitive, providing you and your employees to focus on other important issues that need their attention. Maintenance workers, for example, don’t need to spend time checking in and out of the properties they’re assigned while answering service calls when security systems can log their movements much more quickly and easily.

The Last Word on Smart Home Security for Property Managers

Property management isn’t an easy job. Doing it right is even harder. Relying on new technologies like smart home automation devices helps take the tedium out of many of the tasks that property managers face every day. Additionally, the increased security these devices provide helps make your rental properties safer for tenants and therefore more attractive. Combined with the possible cost savings associated with their use, it’s clear that smart security devices offer many different advantages to property managers.

Ben Shepardson is a Realty Biz News Contributing Writer and has a long track record of success in online marketing and web development. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, he worked doing enterprise-level SEO and started an online business offering web development services to small business customers.
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