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What Should be Included in A Professional Window Cleaning Quote

By Jamie Richardson | February 18, 2019

When it comes to professional window cleaning, it’s important to shop around particularly since there are many different companies out there, all with different price points. So how do you know what you are paying for when prices vary so much and how do you distinguish what good service and fair pricing are?

Generally, when the price is ‘too good to be true’ the service provider should be avoided.  While window cleaning may appear to be no more than a spray, wipe and shine, professional residential and commercial window cleaning involves a lot more than just clean, clear glass.

Cost is not the only consideration on a quote when researching various window cleaning service providers. We have listed 3 considerations to check before you decide who you use for your professional window cleaning.

1. Does your service provider have Insurance?

Not all windows are at ground level and some cleaning jobs may require aerial access. So, when you have teams of window cleaners suspended 20 floors up, you want to know that they are all trained professionals both for their safety and for those patrons in and around your building. Check that your service provider is fully-insured, this may be included in your quote which will provide you with full insurance protection should an unfortunate incident occur.

2. Are the Window Cleaners Trained?

Cost is often associated with the quality of teams and results they are able to achieve. An experienced and well-trained team are skilled at heights and harness work and their focus is on achieving crystal clear windows and not figuring out how their rigging arrangements work.

When choosing a professional window cleaner, it's important to note that residential window cleaners are very likely not trained or insured to clean commercial or high-rise windows and for safety and liability reasons this scenario is best to avoided.

3. Do They Have the Correct Tools for the Job?

When your professional window cleaning service provider arrives on site with well-maintained tools and all of the right equipment for the job you know that they have taken the time and effort to invest in the trade in order to provide you with a quality outcome.

If your window cleaners are committed to providing excellent service it means they will not be cost cutting on the quality of their work, cleaning products,equipment or even the overall effort.They will be equipped with a comprehensive tool kit to suit every application and cleaning purpose.

While it may seem like a simple collection of cleaning tools the proof is in their attention to detail and using the correct cleaning equipment.Your window cleaners should provide quality squeegees which makes a big difference in preventing streaks. Damaged or worn squeegee’s rubber strips leave marks viable in even low light. Micro-fibre cloths remove watermarks at the end of the job andprofessional window cleaners will expect to use 1-2 of these on a residential homes and commercial jobs will require far more, which adds to the consumable costs.

The service provider should have a variety of mops for every application. Porcupine sleeves are highly effective for the removal of tough marks, light scrubbing pads have an abrasive strip for stubborn grime build up and water retention sleeves are handy for more difficult jobs. Scrapers will be used for removing tough residue and marks, such as varnish or paint.

Your team of cleaners should also have extendable poles, step ladders and extension ladders to service all hard to reach areas.

Insist on a quality detergent. Again, this may affect your quote, however, the quality of the detergent will affect the clarity and finish of the window. Some cleaning companieswill use a water and vinegar solution as a cheaper alternative, unfortunately, this does not foam or help to lubricate the squeegee as it passes over the glass, creating streaks and watermarks. This may even create additional labour hours in polishing out unnecessarily.

Finally make sure travel to your site has been included, while your inner bargain hunter may bethrilled with the cheapest quote for your window cleaning service, there is likely a catch to the enticingly low cost. If your window cleaner of choice has economised on any of these aspects, you are probably not going to be getting the best quality or value for money service.

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Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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