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What to expect when using a painting company for your new home

By Jamie Richardson | September 15, 2022

Painting your property is an essential step in protecting and maintaining its quality. Most homes require a fresh coat of paint every ten years or so. Painting your house makes it more weatherproof, keeps it looking nice, and increases your enjoyment of it overall. 

The problem is that painting a house by oneself can take ages. Additionally, if your home requires painting and you are thinking of doing it yourself, you will need long ladders to access the second or third floors.

It prompts many people to hire a professional, which has its difficulties. They'll have to look into house painters, identify one who is truly within their budget, arrange a few interviews, etc. 

You will learn about the numerous parts of home painting in this article, including how often you should paint, what to expect from a painting company, and much more.

About painting contractors and their work

Painters who work for general contractors or are directly employed by homeowners are considered professional painting contractors. Painting contractors typically operate as small businesses, ranging from the lone painter to a crew of 15 to 20 painters. 

While most concentrate on painting, some also have expertise in staining, painting cabinets, wallpapering, and drywall repair. The following are usual duties for painters:

·       Preparing the space by covering furnishings and protecting the floors.

·       Cleanup.

·       Surface preparation includes removing wallpaper, sanding, patching drywall, removing old paint from the walls, and taping the edges.

·       Detail work includes painting the trim, windows, doors, and ceilings.

·       Priming.

·       Touch-ups.

What to expect from painting contractors?

The majority of folks don't have a lot of free time. Further, they lack the command and knowledge necessary to oversee house painting projects. For this reason, hiring a house painting contractor is a good idea. A painting service provider often employs a crew of 15 to 20 painters skilled in interior painting.

The ideal painting service provider will handle all associated chores independently, without oversight from other sources. Look for a painting service provider in Denver who can satisfy the following criteria.

·       Accurate Estimation: The contractor should provide a fair estimate of paint costs while considering the price of house painting. A good contractor would take into account your input while estimating. Thanks to technology, many service providers now have access to incredibly accurate methods for measuring surface area. A qualified painter would use such instruments to generate estimates.

·       Use the best paints and machinery: The painting contractor needs to make sure that you have the most excellent paint your money can buy on your behalf. When painting or repainting a property, color selection is essential. The correct colors can give your home a cheerful, serene, intimate, or expansive feeling.

·       Effective project management: In addition to overseeing the entire painting project, a trustworthy professional Denver painting company would ensure that the safest painting techniques are employed. Workplace accidents involving injuries to workers on construction and painting sites are frequent but can be avoided by a qualified painting contractor.

How often should you paint your house?

Spending money on house maintenance tasks like home painting makes sense because your house will likely be your most valuable possession throughout your lifetime. But how can you determine when to paint? The consensus is that a house should be painted every ten years. But the solution is not so simple. Different solutions may be possible depending on the building's quality, the amount of use it receives from its occupants, and the weather.

Prolonging repainting may seem like a method to save money, but beware—paint can deteriorate, crack, and invite bug infestation and mold growth, which could necessitate costly renovations and pose health risks to the building's occupants. Before contacting a home painting service, you can check the following things on your own.

·       Paint damage

Paint layers that are exposed to sunshine and moisture deteriorate over time. It can be seen in various ways. The paint layers bubbling, cracking, and peeling are apparent signs that a house needs to be painted. If you notice any of them, you should consider hiring a wall painter.

·       Paint fading

Paint colors begin to fade due to chemical reactions brought on by sunshine and paint ingredients. Since sunshine is the cause of this, outside painting is more susceptible to fading than interior walls.

·       You sense the need for a color change

Sometimes, the colors in your space can grow old on you. Your atmosphere changes as the colors change. Adding new colors to your space might energize you or calm you down.

·       Fungal development on walls

Mold growth indicates moisture buildup and is more harmful than it appears. The mold releases spores that are harmful to health also. This issue can be resolved by hiring a Denver painting company. Quality paint can repel moisture and offer fungi and mold long-lasting protection.

·       Selling your home

Neutral-colored homes sell more quickly, even when brightly colored houses appear beautiful in photographs.

Benefits of painting a house

It's essential to employ qualified painters to paint your property. And there are several benefits of home painting.

·       Painting your property can increase its aesthetic worth, so we shouldn't neglect it.

·       Your home's outside painting becomes drab and damaged by rain, cold, and heat. Consequently, it becomes more important than ever to paint your exterior more frequently than your interior.

·       Painting protects the internal and exterior surfaces by providing a protective covering. Paint will delay wear and tear and shield your walls from the detrimental effects of inclement weather.


Hiring a reputable painting company is the best way to ensure your property will appear beautiful. You will be glad about the outcome if you plan and prepare with the above-given things in mind.

If you're thinking about painting your house, all you have to do is to find a house painting company like Perfect Finish Painting and schedule a home painting service.

You will be visited by a doorstep house painting specialist who will take the appropriate measurements, guaranteeing accuracy. A rapid and inexpensive market price quote will be provided, covering the choice of paint from numerous premium choices approved by the government. 

The painters will employ the least dangerous painting techniques, ensuring a swift and hassle-free home painting service for your Denver property.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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