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What Type of Shutter can be used on your Windows?

By Hayley Potter | April 4, 2017
  • When someone builds a house, they always ensure that the windows are located at the right place, so that the stale air finds some way to get out of the house while the fresh air could come inside. The windows are extremely necessary to make the house livable. Fresh air and sunlight are extremely necessary for a healthy living, and windows acts as the guards who permit their entry into your house.

    As much as the windows are necessary, it is also important to cover these windows properly, because there are many elements of nature that should either be stopped from coming into your home or they should let to come only in a controlled fashion. This can only be done with the help of shutters. The shutters make sure that you have control over the amount of light, wind and heat entering or escaping the house. It is not only the light and wind that the shutters provide protection from. Even the insects of various kinds can be prevented from entering the house by using the right kind of shutter.

    There are many types of shutters that you can order from a shutters supplier. They are used for providing the protection of the house from the elements of nature. The main styles which are commonly used are:

    The Plantation Shutters: These plantation shutters in sydney have the panels that are flat yet thicker and provide complete shielding from unwanted elements in the surrounding to come inside the house.

    The Traditional Shutters: These have panels that are thicker on the front and narrower at the back. They also provide good shielding from all unwanted elements.

    The types of shutter also depends on the material from which they are made such as Wooden shutters, Bamboo shutters, Vinyl shutters, Composite fiberglass.

    White style wood Shutters for luxury Interior Design in condo

    The most traditional shutters for your windows are the wooden shutters. They are known to provide the most classic look to your house. Though the cost is higher for the wood that is distortion free and that does not crack or bend, but it is not that all wooden shutters are expensive. It actually depends on the type of wood that you use for the shutters. There are cheaper woods such as composite woods that provide the same kind of look and feel, but are cheaper in cost.

    For the people who like to keep it natural, even the bamboo can be used as a material. The bamboo shutters are a great option that can enhance the traditional look of your house. These are very cheap and are environment friendly, because of the easy availability and quicker growth period of bamboo. The bamboo shutters are durable, but they may require replacement after sometime.

    If you want something that is tough, durable as well as affordable, then roller shutters Croydon Park happens to be a great option. The best part is that they are very attractive and give your house a very cool and modern look. They are able to withstand the harsh weather and are also customizable according to the looks you prefer. You can paint them according to your choice and the décor of your house without much hassle.

    The other synthetic material that you can use in place of vinyl is the composite fiberglass. The shutters made of synthetic fiberglass are highly durable and also keeps the pests away. They resist cracking and decay they are not a natural material.

    You can make use of shutters of various styles such as

    • Louvered shutters
    • Paneled shutters
    • Board and batten shutters

    The classic look will always go with the louvered style shutters because they are the original style from France. But if you want, you can even make use of the paneled shutters too in the classic look. However, the board and batten shutters give more of a rustic appeal and you must only use them with rustic home décor.

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