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What You Should Know About Selling Your Home for Cash

By Jamie Richardson | October 24, 2023

While there’s an ongoing cooldown in the property market, low inventories and high property prices mean the market remains seller-friendly. Like other homeowners looking to “sell my house Virginia Beach”, you might luckily receive multiple offers, including cash offers.

The popularity of cash homebuyers has significantly grown recently. While they can’t replace the traditional buying and selling process, which primarily involves financing deals and mortgages, more homeowners currently prefer cash offers. Here are a few things you should know about selling your home for cash.

What Are Cash Home Buyers?

Unless you are new to the real estate business, you’ve probably come across the term “cash homebuyers.” They are real estate investors who purchase properties for cash. This means they don’t rely on loans and mortgages to buy properties. Cash homebuyers essentially should have enough money to close the sale. Once you agree to the sale, the buyer, either an individual or a company, immediately transfers the entire amount to your account.

Should You Sell Your Property for Cash?

Accepting cash offers for your listed home comes with several benefits. Besides the convenience and speed, cash offers simplify the sale process. You should consider selling your home for cash for the following reasons:

1.  Quick Closing

You should consider taking up cash offers if you are selling your home on a deadline. Cash offers are beneficial to homeowners with unexpected financial strains, who recently divorced, or who are looking to downsize. You’ll get money faster from cash sales (mostly within weeks) than non-cash buyers.

Traditional homebuyers often have to wait for mortgage approval, which takes an average of 43 days. Lenders also demand appraisal to confirm how much they can offer, which further contributes to delays. On the contrary, you can close the sale with cash buyers within 10 days.

2.  Peace of Mind

Cash sales offer unmatched peace of mind and financial certainty, which especially benefits homeowners facing life challenges. Home sellers facing various complexities when selling their homes are better off selling to cash buyers. Complexities can include stacking bills, expensive repairs, the death of a family member, or loss of employment. While cash offers may be lower, the value of your home won’t be hinged on home appraisal values.

3.  No Home Staging

Most people prefer buying properties they can readily move in. Finding a buyer who can purchase your un-staged home can prove challenging, especially if your home needs some work. You can skip the normal repairs, renovations, and other preparations typically required by traditional buyers.

Cash homebuyers often purchase properties as-is. This eliminates the financial burden of repairing and staging your home before listing it for sale.

4.  No Marketing

Selling your home is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Choosing the traditional sales process means you should make the necessary repairs, hire a realtor, pay for quality pictures, and set aside marketing costs, which can easily add up. Cash offers save you from this hassle. You don’t have to market your home, making it an affordable option.

What You Should Know When Selling Your Home for Cash

Cash offers are certainly an attractive option for various benefits. However, like traditional home selling, you should know the following if you decide to sell your home for cash:

Set the Right Price

Most homeowners lose potential cash buyers because they ask for too much money. You should start by knowing the fair market value of your home and properties in the neighborhood before approaching cash buyers for negotiations. Similarly, remember the chances of getting full market value for your home from cash buyers are minimal.

Cash buyers buy your property without wasting time on listings, renovations, or dealing with brokers. You don’t also have to ensure your home is spotless to get a decent offer. You should set a reasonable price for your home.

Choose the Right Cash Buyers

You’ll save a lot of time selling your home for cash. Unfortunately, not all cash homebuyers are straightforward. Some can derail your plans with fake promises or undervaluing your home. As such, research and do your homework to find a qualified cash buyer. They might be individual cash homebuyers, house flippers, or iBuyers.

Create a Move-Out Strategy

You should start creating a moving-out strategy immediately after you begin negotiations with the cash buyer. Remember that cash transactions can be completed within a week. You should vacate the property immediately after you receive the funds. Failing to make prior preparations can disrupt the sales process.


Homeowners looking to sell their homes faster and conveniently should consider cash offers. Cash offers also suit homeowners who want to avoid foreclosure or get rid of unwanted property. However, selling your home for cash comes with its complexities. You should find the right buyer and keep the above in mind.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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