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When And Why To Hire Professional Furniture Movers

By Jamie Richardson | September 3, 2018

It’s always tempting to think, “I’ll just go the do-it-yourself route on that and save money.” And sometimes that’s a good idea - but other times, it’s not.

In some situations, you risk losing more money by not using a professional service than you’d ever have to pay for using one.

Situations in which using professional help really makes sense are clearly furniture moving.

There are many good reasons to utilize a furniture removalist, but we will organize them under two general headings.

Situations Where Pro Furniture-Moving Services Makes Sense
Anytime you are moving a large number of furniture pieces, and especially, large, heavy, bulky-shaped pieces of furniture - it makes sense to utilize professional services. But here are several situation where it’s an especially good idea:

You buy a house, perhaps, one up for sale because someone didn’t pay their property taxes, and find it full of old, heavy furniture that the former owner left behind. Or, you purchase an office building only to find it full of old office furnishings you don’t really want.

You are moving long-distance, across multiple states, perhaps. And you have a piano, large sofas, heavy antique wood desks, tall bookcases, and other major pieces you want to make a part of your new home.

You are a realtor, and you want to move furniture in and out of different homes to “stage” them for open houses.
The timing of moving out and moving in for you isn’t going to perfectly coincide. So you need to move furniture out to storage, then later, out of storage and into your new home. That means two moves plus a storage period, which increases the risk of damage if not handled professionally and insured.

Why Is Pro Furniture Moving Safer?
Aside from special situations where you especially want to use a professional, local service, in what ways does pro furniture moving help keep your furniture, you, and your old and new homes safer?

Here are 7 good answers to that question!

1. Moving heavy objects can easily lead to an accident, where furniture falls on you. Or, it can cause severe back pain if you’re not used to it.
2. You could accidentally damage your old house, which you may already have sold or are about to sell.
3. You could dent corners, damage stairs, scrape finished flooring, or otherwise damage your new home before you even move into it.
4. Wood furniture can easily get gouged, scraped, or scratched; upholstered items torn up; and glass tables cracked or shattered. If your furniture is worth taking with you, why risk damaging
5. Professional residential and commercial movers will have all the specialized equipment and materials necessary to move pieces properly. This includes everything from dolleys to furniture moving pads and blankets to bubble wrap and tough plastic mattress covers. Who has time or money to assemble it all him or herself?
6. Movers can dismantle and reassemble furniture for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. And they will watch carefully over all the parts so none of them are lost.
7. Professional furniture movers know how to pack furniture into a moving truck to avoid damage or collapse while driving. They have it down to a science. They also know the smaller tricks of the trade, like using rubber bands (not tape) to hold moving blankets onto furniture - because tape can potentially damage a piece or be a major endeavor to fully get off.

The bottom line is, there is always much to gain by investing in professional furniture removing when you’re relocating. And in certain situations, due to the nature or number of furniture pieces or time constraints, it makes even more sense than usual!

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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