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Where to buy a home in 2021? Best cities in America

By Jamie Richardson | February 1, 2021

Real estate is known as the best asset to own. Investors can earn recurrent rental income from it. Investors can easily pay off their monthly expenses or mortgages from your rental income.

Currently, low mortgage rates and the inventory shortage has also kept the real estate market strong in U.S. Pandemic has pushed the housing demand stronger. Annual price growth is high and inventory is low. The professional movers in the states, read more to know about them, state that many regions in the country are experiencing a great boom in house demand. Due to heavy demand, the rates are getting higher and it has become unaffordable for potential buyers. 

Many people prefer renting a house to buying a new house.

The rental market is doing very good and if you do not have enough money to invest and don’t even have access to credit to buy a single-family house then renting is the only option left. Renting market is blooming in suburbs as many people have migrated from bigger cities to suburbs.

However, if you are planning to invest in the future, all you can do is to do research and decide if you are ready to buy a new house. Just count your debt-income ratio, your liquid assets, credit health, monthly income, and employment status. The most important part of house buying decision depends upon your willingness to stay at one place.

To choose the right place to buy a house, make sure you follow the basic principles of the real estate industry that includes making sure the area has high rental occupancy, rent should be higher than your mortgage repayments, and also make sure that tenants don’t miss rent payments in your chosen area.

Investing in real estate needs deep and thorough research,depending upon the type of property. Some cities have higher rental income prospects but fewer inventories while others have a lot of inventories available but rental rates are not good enough. In such situations, it is difficult to find a house in a city with a higher rental income. You also need to see if the real estate market of your chosen place is growing or not and if you are looking for a short-term or long-term investment. All these points should be clear in your mind before investing in real estate.

Here are some of the places in the U.S. that we will recommend for you if you are planning to buy a property in the U.S. in 2021. These recommendations are based on the current data and trends from across the country:

Boise, Idaho

Boise is the best place to invest in the current situation, especially for long-term investments. Home prices in Boise are always raising with the right supply and demand dynamics. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, home prices in Boise are soaring high. Boise is always a good market for the sellers are the rates are always on a raise.

The basics reasons for Boise being the first choice of investors is good population and job growth, low-cost for starting a business, and low employment rates.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is another favourite of real estate investors. High housing stocks and rental rates make Dallas a good choice for real estate investment in 2021. Dallas has more rental income options due to less homeownership rate in the city. The demand for rental houses is always on a high as the area is ever-growing. This ever-growing city is expecting its population to be double in the next 15 years so the population growth of the city is really good. Job growth is also another good reason for investing here. The median rental in Dallas is $1800 per month.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta also offers attractive home-buying prospects, especially for rental property advisors. The increasing population of the city is making it a top choice for investors as the rental rates are good here. Atlanta, being the capital and economic centre of Georgia, is a hotspot for real estate investors. Atlanta has newly rehabbed houses and is considered to be one of the top rental markets of the U.S.  

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has always been one of the top most popular cities in the U.S. The happening atmosphere of the city attracts many tourists. It is one of the best places to invest in homes as the city has seen many booms. The main reason to suggest Las Vegas is the stability and predictability of the real estate market of the city. A good business environment in the city is increasing positively making Las Vegas a popular real estate market.

Houston, Texas

Not only in 2021, but Houston has always been the best place to invest in real estate. The oil and gas industry of the city provides n number of employment opportunities, thus increasing the potential number of tenants. So buying a house in Houston is always a good idea as housing is affordable. Housing stock moves fast here making Houston a strong investment destination.

There are many other good real estate investment places in the U.S. including Orlando, Florida, Spokane, Washington, Tampa, Florida, Austin, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, etc. If you are planning to move to a new house, considering one of these locations as per your budget is the best decision to make. 

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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